GFE ultra

What do you "THINK" of this one??? it s a love Song I made the art work..;Hope you ''ll like it


DJ Kamz
DJ Kamz18 days ago

I like this vocal :)
I voted and It will be nice if you check my new song and vote back

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A!GHT1 month ago

Hit me up if you need my support on this site. Im not very active anymore :)

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°°Burn666°°1 month ago

hey :).
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) Would u be so nice & check my new Track
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it would be great to have your support!:)Thanks so much!...

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Maick-I1 month ago

nice track.
vote for it!

would you like to listen to my track Don't Stop and let me know what you think?
and don't forget to give a voice back.

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Fullpoy1 month ago

Hi your track is really good and I voted for you, could you vote back for my last track please ?

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Leonardo Roney
Leonardo Roney1 month ago

I really liked this song, it has a very cool tone, voted, if you can also vote for my new track Flay All Hope!!!

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Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes1 month ago

Just voted. I'll glad if You check my "again and again" an leave your vote for me

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Sadisticfish1 month ago

Hi!!! I'm Sadisticfish!!🐠
Cool!!! Nice track!! Love this!!!!!
Please listen to my music!!!♪( ´▽`)

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Sadisticfish1 month ago

Hi!!! I'm Sadisticfish!!🐠
Cool!!! Nice track!! Love this!!
Please listen to my music!!!♪( ´▽`)

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D3ARD4N1 month ago

Please check to my remix of Lucas & Steve - Letters and vote if you like it

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Niklas Long
Niklas Long1 month ago

sick track! Love it ;) you got my vote!

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Average Joe
Average Joe1 month ago

VOTED my man! So many different originalities in your tracks. Talk to u soon!

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Skyflow1 month ago

THIS IS ACTUALLY SICK BROOOOO!! If you want, VOTE and listen to my new track CENTURIONE!

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Harpsea1 month ago

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STARNIGHT1 month ago

vote for vote? please can you vote for my track called "Kraken" and i will vote for your track in return, thanks 🎶🎶🎶🎶

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Serginio Chan
Serginio Chan1 month ago

Nice track → I voted for you
d(=_=)b Thanks for the support
I wish you good luck and victories

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MARTIN JONES1 month ago

Hi good job vote

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Sadisticfish1 month ago

Hi I'm Sadisticfish!!🐠
Nice track!! Love this!!!♬
I would love to listen to your next song!!
Please listen to my music if you like!!!\\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

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OXMS1 month ago

This song really made me "Think" (Get it? Haha) great track man! Voted :)

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EINNOSZ1 month ago

Voted mate,
Check mine too

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