Sweet Tropical House & Dance melodies! Im Kaii 18 years old producer from chile. Thanks to everybody for the amazing support! https://open.spotify.com/track/4yBzfBHADpE0viYqVNGOYm


MIKE KOSILOV6 minutes ago


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Nicky Vaez
Nicky Vaez2 hours ago

This Amazing Track Fly Away Bro Good Job Keep it up Bro I love the voices and the Drums and even the sounds It's awesome

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Specter FXX-K
Specter FXX-K18 hours ago

OH SH!T, the vibes are amazing, the first 10 -20 seconds grab me, they touched the soul, you know what's funny the main thing I produce is tropical house XD, love it, the sounds are well thought out and designed overall, in my opinion, i feel like there could be more elements to add but hey it's just my opinion, you got many more :), but yeah overall it's well made, simple is best, because you never know what you'll end up, like now you are top! nice rank bro!

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Andy Nold
Andy Nold19 hours ago

Nice track Voted

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RomaLadZe20 hours ago


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astiix22 hours ago

Love it!! Voted! This is just amazing. Great work

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RomaLadZe1 day ago


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Ray Cosmic
Ray Cosmic1 day ago

Great Track. Voted back

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NIETEZ1 day ago

nice track!! keep it up!

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Swei1 day ago

Fire bro!! Keep it up

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Andrew Terpo
Andrew Terpo2 days ago

Nice track! Voted! Please listen and vote to my new track "WILLPOWER" and if you want follow me!
Thank you!!

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Niklas Long
Niklas Long2 days ago

very beautiful track! 😃 I love the tropical/chill vibes. Amd the overall production quality is also pretty good!
Would you like to do a collab together with me ?
Write me a DM on Instagram @niklaslong

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SOUNSET2 days ago

nice vibe <3 voted

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ClayEN Music
ClayEN Music2 days ago

Wow, You got my vote

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Jeet Vasani
Jeet Vasani2 days ago

Amazing job. Voted for you. Check out my Ava Max - Kings & Queens Remix. Plzz vote if you like it. Thanks

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Peak*_*_Oz2 days ago

great track good vibes voted

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HVZELNUT!2 days ago

Hello nice track bro
Voted and support :)
Check my track "Parkour".

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Ohlixis2 days ago

fye voted!!

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K4RMAW4TTS2 days ago

Love the way you can sway along to this, you create great vibes to just close my eyes and float away for awhile. Thanks for this:)

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.anverse2 days ago

nice, make me chill

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