Niklas Long
Niklas Long6 days ago

pretty cool track man! Love it ;) just voted for you

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Harpsea7 days ago

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musicbyshank8 days ago

Nice Song, The Mix is very clean. The track has a great euphoric vibe to it. I am truly amazed. Nice Work. Voted and Supported. Please take a listen to my track also "VIBE" by shank. I really appreciate that without your support I am nothing. IF you want to know some cool and secret tips and tricks about music production follow me on Instagram(musicbyshank) and DM me.

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twentyfauxcarat9 days ago

Sick tune dude! I really like the melody and sounds!

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User Name
User Name9 days ago

Hi, I listened to this track I voted for him. I like him. Listen to my new track “Sun On The Ocean” and leave a comment or vote for it. Have a good mood :)

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PHILIPƎE9 days ago

Finally some quality track here, mister. I listened to your song and its very good dance production, loved the energy from the song and nice vocals. I feel the hard work from the track. BTW CONGRATS TO TOP20 ! I want you higher, so I liked/VOTED for your song ! Lets support each other (I am in TOP20 too ;) , vote 4 my radio house song STARCHASER in my profile and let me know how you like it ;)
Thanks !

PS- I listen to every song I vote and giving #NOfake true feedbacks to connect with producers

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EnergyWolf10 days ago

Great Track I like it😀 and you get my vote😀
But vote me back
EnergyWolf:Like the Coconut (Remastered)

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David Galiano
David Galiano10 days ago

Just AWESOME!!, I've been hearing to your track, and that was absolutely amazing, keep up the hard work, VOTED!! ;)

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo10 days ago

Hey :D
I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same
and vote back on my track “Methuselah Full EP Stream'
Good luck.

Full Album in Bio..

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J SOLA10 days ago

Really nice track.
I Voted!
Would be awesome if you do the same and vote for my new track: " Kash Mishod J SOLA Remix".

Dont forget to leave a comment if you vote back.

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Good luck.

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Lavenir10 days ago

great track !!!!!!! keep it up !!!!!!!! voted !!!!!!!!

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NRAVV11 days ago

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Vote for me😋😋😋
Good luck 👊👊👊👊

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Danny Okmpo
Danny Okmpo12 days ago

Hi bro! Nice work on this track. a lot of energy You have my vote!

Please check out my last song CHILDHOOD. Enjoy and good luck!

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Dr. LE
Dr. LE12 days ago

cool track man
really catchy
full support and vote
pls check out my new track ASIIMOV

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Holt & Weils
Holt & Weils13 days ago

We love your song 🔥, you have our vote, good luck in your ranking🏅
If you have a moment, we would appreciate you reviewing our latest song.🤘
Let us know what you think with a comment or a vote

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Thanks :)

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Azon13 days ago

Aye this Track is so Awesome !!!!!! 🔥 I Voted for you Bro :) !!!!! 🔥 I am a 12 year Old Producer/ DJ From Germany !! 🔥 Lets Support each other and you also vote for my new Track " Way To You " 🔥 Stay Home and Stay Safe Bro :-)! !!!!! !🔥

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JsapDaMusikNerd13 days ago

Thanks man. I'm check you out

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Jakob Larsson
Jakob Larsson13 days ago

Very nice track! Voted! I would appreciate if you could listen to my remix of ”The Lake“ and vote on it!! Keep up the great work!

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Mikey Theo
Mikey Theo13 days ago

AWESOME track!! easy vote from me, nicely done!

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Wow this is amazing!

Next time, try to boost the mid-highs, since these are frequences that lacked a bit of power.
And don't forget that, good job, keep it up bro! Voted it.

Just like you, I released a new mix "DATABASS VIRTUAL LIVE SHOW". I would be so happy if you chould check it out and vote for it. Thanks man! <3
Good Luck for the future!

If you want that I give you personal feedback to your tracks or any question you might have, make sure to leave me a follow ON SOUNDCLOUD (DATABASS) and I'm more happy to do it :D

With love,

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Leipe Leo
Leipe Leo13 days ago

i like your track nice edm martin garrix style i see this signed by spinnin. plz vote my track you dont have it my song name is forever home like for for free cookies

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