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dj deimos
dj deimos1 month ago

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Dash & Rexx
Dash & Rexx1 month ago

Hello Dylan,

Great Remix, U got my Vote!!

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FutureWaves1 month ago

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Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon1 month ago

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Don Kon
Don Kon1 month ago

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra1 month ago

Some very good sounds combination..;good groove! Voted

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Thnxxx & Good Luck!!!

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Nini Koona
Nini Koona1 month ago

great track! Youve got my vote!!
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Nini Koona

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David Galiano
David Galiano1 month ago

Awesome! 😱 Men trust me when I told you that you got talent bro! please never give up trying! keep going forward and you will success one day ;)
You got my vote !
I've been working a lot since 7 years making music, I will never give up, electronic music is one of the most beautiful things in this life
and I like so much seen artist like you fighting so hard to be better making tracks, You got my support :)

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Zibrog1 month ago

Cool! Voted!
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1way21 month ago

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STARNIGHT1 month ago

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Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes1 month ago

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Fullpoy1 month ago

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The Vertical
The Vertical1 month ago

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Harpsea1 month ago

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EINNOSZ1 month ago

Mate cool deephouse, voted
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Thanks and Goodluck

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D3ARD4N1 month ago

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Leonardo Roney
Leonardo Roney1 month ago

I really liked this song, it has a very cool tone, voted, if you can also vote for my new track Flay All Hope

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Kushal1 month ago

Love this track, Voted for sure!
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Mrithik M S
Mrithik M S1 month ago

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