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Fieramosca1 month ago

Great song voted!

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Boss Eisley
Boss Eisley1 month ago

Hey man, this song is interesting from the start!
There are some good sounds here and the production value is decent. I voted for you, can you please return the favor and vote for my new songs -- Primer and Macroon? I'm trying to make 1 song a week and these are the first and second of many, let me know what you think!

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Rj Swapnil
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Waskokek1 month ago

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musicbyshank1 month ago

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dj deimos
dj deimos1 month ago

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Kevin Forbes
Kevin Forbes1 month ago

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WEYA1 month ago

Nice flow, sick bass at 0:10, and of course really nice melody since part it's midnight city! Great mix! Keep it up!! Voted for you and you got my support! If you got a min please check out my latest track "MAYHEM (Extended Mix)" and tell me what you think. It just reached rank 18! It's an absolute mainstage banger with a powerful drop! I hope you'll like it!
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Festi1 month ago

Hey I really like your remix.
I also Voted.
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Thanks midnight city

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thesongisme1 month ago

Voted for you :) I really enjoyed it 👍🖤
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Kaiimusic1 month ago

Xnime this is amazing! amazing melodies and chords.
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