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Aden-Z46 minutes ago

so good remix you have make, i like, voted
I hope you will feed me some works on my "make you Happy" contest

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RasseSippe3 hours ago

Just love this remix! The drop melody is insane!

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K3DAL4 hours ago

Niiiice remix ! If anyone wants, I did a remix of 'Voices', check it out if you want and let me know what you think about it !
Good luck, thank you !

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Cavetta4 hours ago

Hey man I really like your track. You have a great chance to win :). I voted for you!
Could you also check out my remix of Make You Happy? Happy to receive feedback!

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Yunis14 hours ago

Amazing bro! Love that dubstep sound at 1:59 :D pls check out my new release "Toxic" and give it a like!

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El DaMieN
El DaMieN19 hours ago

Awesome! I leave vote! Can You check my latest remix "Voices please? Thank You and good luck!

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Asher Cole1 day ago

I like the chill summery vibes of the song. Maybe look into making the sounds you use a bit wetter (especially in the break). I think a tiny bit of reverb could really make the break chords sound amazing. But apart from that sounds like a solid track. Definitely got my vote.
I would appreciate it if you would take a look at my remix of voices. Thanks man, and best of luck.

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TMak1 day ago

Very well produced! Sick drop! I love the ambient sounds used as well! VOTED!. Take a listen to my Voices remix let me know what you think!.

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alanferris1 day ago

Yooo amazing track. Vote for my remix "Voices" Thank you!

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K3DAL3 days ago


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Bloom_3 days ago

Sick drop! Can you check out my remix aswell?

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Kenshin Trickster

Wow Love this Remix!
Keep up the good work! You have my vote.
Can you check my Remix " MAKE YOU HAPPY” ?

Good Luck!

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Luca.S.Purcell3 days ago

It is excellent and extremely good! Fantastic job 👍

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Alex Tolino
Alex Tolino4 days ago

hi ! good remix! I like the composition and the melody, !! voted! I would like you to see my remix and if you liked it let me know !! good luck!

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

Love the vibe of this! Voted
If you could check out my remixes of Make You Happy and Letters that would be much appreciated!

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Mixell4 days ago

Woow dude! Sounds unique and dope! L O V E IT! Definitely got my vote

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BLiNK :-)
BLiNK :-)4 days ago

Voted! GG
Please vote back on my 'Brooks & KSHMR - Voices' remix. It's very important for me.
Good luck in the ranking,

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Fieramosca5 days ago

Great remix voted!

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Ryan Cristopher
Ryan Cristopher7 days ago

This version is rlly good bro! You definitely got my vote! If you would not mind could you check out my Future House Remix of ‘Voices’ by Brooks & KSHMR and show it some support!
Thanks man keep up the good work!

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Taim Moor
Taim Moor7 days ago

Nice , I am voting just now. AMAZING. MIX

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