This is my 'STMPD Style' remix of ''Brooks & KSHMR - Voices'' for the Spinnin'Records contest. Enjoy!!!


DJ_Vogel12 hours ago

wonderful remix! really liked it!
you have my vote👌
hope you can check my remix Sikdope & ALRT's- Fly With You (Vogel Remix)
I would be happy for a review from you, and if you can help and vote I will be grateful !

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Yeach1 day ago

nice !

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Extraordinate1 day ago

Good work bro. It’s kinda dark but not and has this hypnotic feel to it. I really like it! Good energy! Got my vote! Check out my remix if you get a chance ✌🏼❤️

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Raz Davidov
Raz Davidov2 days ago

WOW! WHAT A REMIX BLiNK! I LOVE IT! YOU GOT MY VOTE! I will appreciate it if you will hear my Voices remix as well. It will mean a lot to me if I got your vote. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Dyrex3 days ago

I am not here to promote anything from my end, i just want to tell that this track is amazing and deserves support. Voted!

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TMak4 days ago

Nice! I see why you're one of the top contenders! VOTED! Take a listen to my remix and let me know what you think! VOTE if you like it..

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

This is really good well done. Very Cool. Voted. If you could check out my remix it would mean a lot!

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KTTK4 days ago

cool!! voted!!

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Lo-Res5 days ago

Nice job!
go listen to my remix for the contest

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Eastman5 days ago

good song,
somebody could check my remix of this song,
i really apreciate it, and if you wanna write some comment or vote
thank you.

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Miles Rich
Miles Rich5 days ago

Absolutely love this one. Nailed it.

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Dogg Shelbyy
Dogg Shelbyy5 days ago

Great remix, that buildup holy shit ! Voted ! If you can pls come vote back for my remix of voices too!

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TaomaTunes ✅
TaomaTunes ✅5 days ago

Everyone has their own taste in music.
But from what i heard i can say that:

Still need to learn how to layer bass and synth properly ;)
I liked a drop idea after all :)
You need to spend more time on mixing next time
Missing more elements into your mix!
Make room for the bass in the drop ;p

Voted for an effort !! :)
I would appreciate if you could check out my "Voices" remix and vote for it if you like it :)

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Dc0d3r5 days ago

Damn This is cool keep up the good work

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MaxKa6 days ago

Really Cool remix :)
Wanna check out my remix contest of " Voices " too? Thanks!

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Maviero6 days ago

blink Hello i like your Song (: voted for it,if you have time please check out also my new Remix Voices ,thanks y Maviero (:

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Wise Monkey
Wise Monkey6 days ago

Wow ! Nice one ! Voted ;)

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Eric Maerts
Eric Maerts6 days ago

Nice remix Blink! I like it alot and vote for sure! I hope you can check out my remix aswell and vote back :)

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Ryan Cristopher
Ryan Cristopher7 days ago

This goes crazy bro! I really enjoyed your track my friend! You got my support!
If you would not mind could you check out my latest Future Bounce remix of Brooks & KSHMR’s ‘Voices’ and drop a like if you enjoy it :)
Anyways keep up the good work and always strive to improve! (Any feedback would be appreciated as well!)
-Ryan Cristopher

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jswalker2003117 days ago

This is hard aff, got my vote broo

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