Hope you gonna like my remix in progresive house style ! Leave feedback and tell me what you think ! If you do that i gonna make feedback to you ! :) Best wishes ! :)


RasseSippe3 hours ago

Love the progressive house vibe on this one! Good luck in the contest!

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El DaMieN
El DaMieN18 hours ago

Nice Work bro! I leave vote. Can You check my remix "Voices"? Thank You so much and good luck! 🤜🤛

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TMak1 day ago

Nice bro. Voted! Take a listen to my remix of Voices! Vote if you like it..

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Vanroald2 days ago

Great very good remix, get my vote, check my voices remix and vote for me, Good luck.

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K3DAL2 days ago

Nice remix ! I did a remix of "Voices", check it out and let me know what you think about it! Good luck !

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Bloom_3 days ago

Sick! Can you check out my remix aswell?

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Kenshin Trickster

Wow Love this Remix!
Keep up the good work! You have my vote.
Can you check my Remix " MAKE YOU HAPPY” ?

Good Luck!

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CC713 days ago

Yo this is sick man! You have my vote. Check out my remix of this song if you have some time!

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

Love the progressive vibes well executed well done. Voted.
If you could check out my remixes of Make You Happy and Letters that would be much appreciated!

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FILLOX5 days ago

Hey Creavy!
nice remix!
voted !

if u have time please check my remixes "Make You Happy" & "Letters" as well.
thanks :D

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Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon5 days ago

Hi. , good job, i like and vote for it. Could you Check my last remix please ? Thanks

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Fieramosca5 days ago

This is really cool voted!

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Dash & Rexx
Dash & Rexx6 days ago


Really awesome track!!

Voted for sure!

Maybe if you have some time you can check out my remix of Lucas e Steve!

Cheers ✌🏻😍

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Alex Tolino
Alex Tolino6 days ago

eyy! good remix! I like the composition and the melody, they are great !! voted! I would like you to see my remix and if you liked it let me know !! good luck!!!

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BALTIC6 days ago

Wow this one is my fav, just uploaded my remix as well, hope you guys also like it :)

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Maikel van Kogh
Maikel van Kogh6 days ago

Very great progressive house drop! Good job! What synth did u use? Voted for you! Maybe you could check out my progressive house remix of letters and let me know what you think of it? :)

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Tekhne7 days ago

hey bro this is VOTED for sure i you have time please check out my remix of Brooks & KSHMR voices remix and vote for me if you would be so kind to
ps : love what you have done this is great good work

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Maick-I7 days ago

Nice remix
vote for it.
i also made a Symphonic progresive kind of style remix of Tungevaag - Make Me Happy.
if you want lissen to thise one and let me now whate you think of it.
a vote back will be nice!

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Kicool7 days ago

Hi nice remix, good produced! Like the melody.
Would be nice, if you would vote for my "letters" remix too.
Good luck.

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Dj Surrinate
Dj Surrinate7 days ago

Fire DROP! Voted Bro!

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