This is my take on the amazing track Voices by Brooks and KSHMR


Christian Shehadey

This is sweet! I would appreciate feedback on mine for improvements!!

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Maviero16 hours ago

Evanily Hello i like your Song (: voted for it,if you have time please check out also my new Remix Voices ,thanks y Maviero (:

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Head Under Heels

These bots hurt my head. Basically, this is fire and I'm sorry that people with actual (good) remixes have to deal with these copy and paste comments. Go pull in the win for me and for this community. Godspeed.

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Extraordinate1 day ago

VIBES!!! Great remix man. Most of your other comments are on point! Love the vocals!! Got my vote for sure!
If you get a chance check out my remix ✌🏼❀️

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Garton_e1 day ago

definitely one of the best remixes I heard in this contest! great work

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Raz Davidov
Raz Davidov2 days ago

WOW! WHAT A REMIX EVANLY! I LOVE IT! YOU GOT MY VOTE! I will appreciate it if you will hear my Voices remix as well. It will mean a lot to me if I got your vote. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Dantalion2 days ago

Sick remix bro. I really liked the vibes.

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HenryHillMusic2 days ago

Very nice one! Voted ! Check out my Remix of you like :)

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Evanly2 days ago

You know I can see you didn’t voted, right!?

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TaomaTunes βœ…

one of the best remixes, 95% remixes i could just delete straight away, this one have potential :)

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SH1V3 days ago

Sounds dope

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Average Joe
Average Joe3 days ago

Clean sound!!! Spacious nice mixing and mastering!!! VOTED! Please vote for my FLY WITH YOU REMIX πŸŒˆπŸ™ŒπŸ½

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TMak4 days ago

This is honestly my favorite remix! VOTED! Good luck in the competition! Take a listen to mine and leave some feedback if you can! Vote if you it.

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

Great remix love how you've changed it up like this well done. Voted.
If you could check out my remix it would mean a lot!

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Lo-Res5 days ago

Nice Job!
go listen to my remix for the contest

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K3DAL5 days ago

love your remix

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Ulysses Say
Ulysses Say5 days ago

This is so impressive bro, I like the synths on the drop it is a banger. Would you please check my remix? I'd appreciate that.

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Eastman5 days ago

good song, somebody could check my remix of this song, i really apreciate it, and if you wanna write some comment or vote thank you!!!

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SKYFAID5 days ago

Wow dude, the drop is so dirty, gotta love that oneπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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BoozKat5 days ago

Not my usual genre but this just sounds awesome in every way, voted

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Evanly5 days ago

Thnx man, really appreciate it!

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TaomaTunes βœ…

Everyone has their own taste in music.
But from what i heard i can say that:

Still need to learn how to layer bass and synth properly ;)
I liked a drop idea after all :)
You need to spend more time on mixing next time !
Missing more elements into your mix!
Make room for the bass in the drop
Voted for an effort !!
I would appreciate if you could check out my "Voices" remix and vote for it if you like it :)

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Evanly5 days ago

Hahaha you are a joke to me

Score: 3