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Massirocket1 month ago

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Fieramosca1 month ago

Great music voted!

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Drexilla1 month ago

Awesome vibes! 👏 I love your sound! ❤️ You have my vote. Will you please take a moment to listen and vote for my remix of Lucas & Steve's "Letters". I need your help!
Thanks and good luck with your track!

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Dj Surrinate
Dj Surrinate1 month ago

Cool track Bro😉😎👍! Top sound🎶! Clean mixing! Voted! If you have a minute you can check my remix on track Lucas and Steve ''Letters" and vote please if you like it
Have a nice day!

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ReyMod.com1 month ago

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STARNIGHT1 month ago

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OLDGENBACK1 month ago

Cool Misic ! Voted

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Lusitany1 month ago

Awesome track! Cool sound! Fantastic!
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DTX.off1 month ago

Great music! I vote for you!
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Have a nice day;

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Mrithik M S
Mrithik M S1 month ago

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CLBeat1 month ago

Nice track! Gave you my vote 😊
Think you could give mine a look?
Check out ’Letters’ in my tracks tab.
Thanks 🙏,

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dj deimos
dj deimos1 month ago


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°°Burn666°°1 month ago

hi there :)...
I checked your track and vote for it,got my support!:) Would u be so nice and check out my new Track
>> UNDERGROUND..! << and set your vote & comment ?
it would be great to have your support!
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BIONT ✪1 month ago

Nice track STELLIUM!!! LIKED!!! Cool idea, great sounds and nice mix as well!!!
If you have time, checkout my new track "Dancin'" and please vote back.
I hope that you'll reach your goals...Keep it up bro!!!

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PHILIPEE1 month ago

Hi, great track ! Very original electronic production, loved the chil melodic piano part in the song and nice synths. Mixing also sounds good, continue producing. I want you higher, so I liked/VOTED for your song ! Lets support each other, vote 4 my song HEAL IT😷 (that is already in radios, I would love to read your opinion too ;)
Thanks !

PS- I listen to every song and not giving copy/paste fake feedbacks to connect with producers🙌

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Kenshin Trickster


Great Work, you got my vote!!

Please, Check it out and give me yor vote in my Remix " LETTERS”


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Steve Stinson
Steve Stinson1 month ago

Hey guys - I want honest feedback on my latest Marvin Gaye Remix and no faking votes 😏
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Thank you 🙂

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ZEKA_OFFICIAL1 month ago

wow, really great track, unique. voted!! could you plz check my new track Hater and vote if you like it? it's a Brazilian bass track

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VITTA1 month ago

Hey Stellium!
I liked your track, the drop have a lot of energy and the mix is really dope!! You have my vote :D
Please check out my remix of Voices, hope you like it :)

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Kaiimusic1 month ago

Hi Stellium, this sound very original, great melodies and sound design, keep making this kind of songs bro!
You definitely have my vote, the mix sounds very tight and clean by the way. Also, could you give some support to my latest track Fly Away, thanks!

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