this track is composed of phasey filtered piano, bass guitar, new snare & vibrato leads,subtle fx like the reverse vocal risers heard right at the start and throughout the verse and with violin/string part before a final drop.


Stefano caruso
Stefano caruso4 hours ago

hey bro, i voted for you, i hope you like my last remix, please check in my profileand follow me!

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Darenzo10 hours ago

It's awesome but don't forget to give it a name, this makes a lot of difference in promo! I voted for you, can you please check out my track Ring the alarm, and if you like it, leave a comment and vote for it please ? Also I'm always looking for new artists to work with, so maybe we can collab ? DM in Instagram, Darenzo_music. I'll be waiting !

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DJ LiviliroN
DJ LiviliroN14 hours ago

good one

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Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra1 day ago

cool track bro. hope i can get a vote back on my latest remix.

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Deekruz1 day ago

Voted and check out my track Cocaine cravings its nice your tracks nice by the way keep on rocking

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Nightfall Music

This is a really nice track with great vibes! really enjoyed your style ♥ !
Definitely going to vote for this track!
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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo1 day ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote
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Good luck.❤ Music Video
Joel Avalo - Intercosmic [Space Nebula Animation]

Peace and Love ::=

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MARTIN JONES2 days ago

Hi great track

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Coswick2 days ago

Hi. I supported your work, it turned out super! Please give me your mutual supportt

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Recvey2 days ago

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Alan Nitsuga
Alan Nitsuga2 days ago

Hi SVELBARD!! Good song! I give you my vote
If you can take a moment, can you hear my remix "ily" cast your vote and give me your opinion?
I hope you reach your goals !! !Keep going!

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siemasz33 days ago

nice sounding track! very good arrangement and vibe! liked, followed!

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Dylan-muirhead3 days ago

Nice song and voted mate 👍

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nathancarrille3 days ago

very cool and different stuff, great work, I voted!

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SoldierOfStreet3 days ago

Very very good track . Thanks for support btw. I voted this :)

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SoldierOfStreet3 days ago

Very very good track . Thanks for support btw. I voted back :)

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Cavetta3 days ago

Great mix, I voted! Would be very happy if you check out my remix of Letters and vote as well :)

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Miguel Hernandrop

Great work. You have my vote & support. You can check on my list of supported tracks. Pls listen my latest remix. LETTERS of Lucas & Steve & vote back if you don´t mind. Good luck :)

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Recvey3 days ago

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Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino3 days ago

Hey bro, this one is definitely original and different sound!! :D Love how you arranged the track.. pretty cool stuff, and also vocals are dope, congrats! :) you surely have my VOTE!
Hope you could give a check to my "lucas & steve - Letters" Remix, and maybe give a Vote BACK.. Would appreciate a lot :) Thanks mate and Good luck!

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