Hey guys this is The MRCHNTS from INDIA, This is our remix of voices: Listen to it and enjoy<<Don't forget to like this and comment if you like it: ig:- @themrchnts E-mail:- themrchnts@gmail.com


Christian Shehadey

Sick mix! keep it up! I would appreciate feedback on mine for improvements!!

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NCPTN2 hours ago

Wow ! Great project ! Don't hesitate to check mine !!

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TwoFolds8 hours ago

Thats nice
You can check our remix too
We are also from india
btw all feedback are appreciated

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Bhumimaurya11 hours ago


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Vishvendra1812 hours ago

Great remix brothers ✌️

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Emil Eriksson
Emil Eriksson12 hours ago

Very good remix bro. Voted for you. However a little better mixing/mastering good help the song to be even better, but otherwise a very nice track. Maybe you could listen to my remix and give some feedback?

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KeniiMusic13 hours ago

Nice track man, like the vibe. If you're searching for new sounds, check my remix :D

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DJ_Vogel14 hours ago

great remix man!!!
enjoyed listening! you have my vote!
hope you can check my remix "Sikdope & ALRT's- Fly With You (Vogel Remix)" and vote maybe!
wish you the best!

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Maviero16 hours ago

Bro Hello i like your Song (: voted for it,if you have time please check out also my new Remix Voices ,thanks y Maviero (:

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MaxKa16 hours ago

Hi, cool remix! Voted :) Wanna listen mine too ?

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Noel Ragazzi
Noel Ragazzi1 day ago

For Me its My Nummer one so far! But your Song needs More volume and More bass

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Yogesh3001 day ago

This remix is the winner 🔝😍

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Very nice work Bro 🔥Check out my Remix✌🏻

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Raz Davidov
Raz Davidov2 days ago

WOW! WHAT A REMIX MRCHNTS! I LOVE IT! YOU GOT MY VOTE! I will appreciate it if you will hear my Voices remix as well. It will mean a lot to me if I got your vote. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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guptaaakash1782 days ago

great work brothers🔥 loved it❤️

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Gite.shlok3 days ago

Loved it 💯💥

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sahuaditya0333 days ago

Good job bro !!!

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K3DAL4 days ago

Nice job ! If anyone wants, I made a remix too, check it out and let me know what you think about it! Good luck everybody, thanksss 🙏

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TMak4 days ago

Nice work bro! I see why you're one of the top contenders! VOTED! Take a listen to my remix and let me know what you think! VOTE if you like it!

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

Nice remix guys love this. Very imaginative yet loyal to the original well done. Voted.
If you could check out my remix it would mean a lot!

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