A Future house/Trap take on make you happy produced by DjV and xHarshx to fill all your festival needs~


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Dayan_Abinash12 hours ago

Love it 😍😍😍

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K3DAL1 day ago

Niiiice remix ! If anyone wants, I did a remix of 'Voices', check it out if you want and let me know what you think about it !
Good luck, thank you !

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TMak1 day ago

Nice bro! Voted! Take a listen to my remix of Voices! Vote if you like it..

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Alex Tolino
Alex Tolino2 days ago

Hi vectron ! good remix! I like the composition and the melody !! voted! I would like you to see my remix (fly with you) and if you liked it, let me know! good luck

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Kenshin Trickster

Wow Love this Remix!
Keep up the good work! You have my vote.
Can you check my Remix " MAKE YOU HAPPY” ?

Good Luck!

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Craig Thomson
Craig Thomson4 days ago

Nice remix bro. Voted. If you could check out my remixes of Make You Happy and Letters that would be much appreciated!

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Fieramosca5 days ago

Very cool remix voted!

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CC715 days ago

Cool Remix Bro! Voted for you! Check out my remix if you have some time.

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Yuri Kim
Yuri Kim6 days ago

Hey! If you are seeing this, it means that I heard you remix and voted for it !!!
DjV and xHarshx, check out my 'Letters' remix and, if you want, vote for it too! Thank you and good luck!

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Tekhne7 days ago

hey bro this is VOTED for sure i you have time please check out my remix of Brooks & KSHMR voices remix and vote for me if you would be so kind to
ps : god damn that drop is huge

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Akashii7 days ago

Hey there!

Hope you are having a nice day! If you are seeing this then that means I have voted for this track of yours! :D :D :D

And I would really appreciate it if you could vote for my remix LETTERS BY LUCAS & STEVE :D

Wishing you all the best towards your dreams!

#Stay Home_Stay Safe! Staying home will keep you alive to live your dreams (;

Happy Spinninning!

#This is a copy-paste comment. If you want feedback on your track, just let me know. Otherwise, I don't really wanna do it because everyone has their own taste, opinion and vision that are expected to be respected. Hope you understand.


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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin8 days ago

Great work! Voted for this one. Please check my new remix "Fly with you" and leave a vote if you like it dude! If you follow me here or on SoundCloud I will follow back for sure. Keep up the work. Best wishes from Germany!

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voxkid8 days ago

👌👌👌 nice bro love the feel getting from it 💓

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Kesshu8 days ago

nice man

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Maick-I9 days ago

Nice remix.
Nice Remix,
Good intro
if you want also listen to my remix of Tungevaag - Make You Happy.
and let me know what you think. eb don't forget to give a vote back

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Alina1239 days ago

Really good Summer vibes~

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Dj Vectron10 days ago

Thanks to all listerners and likers... I really hope we can win this and i really like all of the others artists works.

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