Hi my first orginal product as a HappyMoon. Lot new music is coming so stay close :) I hope you will like it. check my istagram for the latest news about me and my clothes shop for the latest most fu#ked-up clothes:


Lello_Oliver1 hour ago

Hello my friend

You have my vote and appreciation for your music.

Can I count on yours?
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DJ 5L45H
DJ 5L45H1 hour ago

Bang bang \o/ Voted ✌😺

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Danger4041 hour ago

Hey cool track bro, you have my vote!, Pls help me voting my remix of "voices" by KSHMR & Brooks, that would make me very happy.😄🔝💛

Guys, if you vote for my remix, just leave a comment and i will vote for you too!!!!!

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Blonde Koala
Blonde Koala3 hours ago

What a track man!
Voted for sure
Take a listen & vote if U like my latest track on Spinnin

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra7 hours ago

Really like it..just listen for my pleasure!!!!

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Viterlo8 hours ago

Nice track dude. You have my vote!!!! Can you check my las track call Progression?

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo10 hours ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote
back on my track 'intercosmic'
Good luck.❤ Music Video
Joel Avalo - Intercosmic [Space Nebula Animation]

Peace and Love =

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ROSS STEPHENS11 hours ago


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Darenzo12 hours ago

Melody is simple yet nice, I love the sounds you are using ! I voted for you, can you please check out my track Ring the alarm, and if you like it, leave a comment and vote for it please ? Also I'm always looking for new artists to work with, so maybe we can collab ? DM in Instagram, Darenzo_music. I'll be waiting !

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CC7113 hours ago

Love the vocals and drop in this one dude! I voted for you! Check out my make you happy remix if you have some time!

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jochenmmusic14 hours ago

Great base. Liked. 👍 I would be happy if you could also vote for my new track "Turn Your Head Up!"

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Davi Hemann
Davi Hemann14 hours ago

Hey HappyMoon, I am really surprised with this track! That is a really great start for the HappyMoon project, as you described. If this is the first track, I am really excited to hear the next ones! The vocals are awesome! Who is it singing? Build up creates the perfect momentum but I miss a harder snare or another sound - could be a little bit more aggressive. Drop sounds awesome, those chords are perfectly sitting on the mix and that fill with chops are just OMGGGG I really liked it. Seriously congrats!! I hope my feedback helps and good luck on the charts! Have a nice dayyy
If you have the opportunity, I would love it if you could check out my song "Deep End" and maybe vote for it. Thanks!

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🌜HAPPYMOON🌜14 hours ago

Thx man thx for feedback ,I check your staff and give full support ! :)

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🌜HAPPYMOON🌜14 hours ago

The vocals are from Splice but I think I pitch and chops a lot ;D

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Yunis15 hours ago

This one got true energy! Respect! Check out my new release "Toxic" and leave a like! :)

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DRN_Official16 hours ago

Great work!! Voted
Can you give me support on my new release DRN - MIND CONTROL

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J3Q1 day ago

Hi, Nice track! I voted your track.
Would you voted mine?
Check it out my new House track "SPACE"
Goodluck to the top tracks.

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Alan Nitsuga
Alan Nitsuga1 day ago

Hi HAPPYMOON!! Good song! I give you my vote
If you can take a moment, can you hear my remix "ily" cast your vote and give me your opinion?
I hope you reach your goals !! !Keep going!

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EINNOSZ1 day ago

Voted buddy, good vibes
Check my "make you happy remix"
Thank you.

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Tom VerXon
Tom VerXon1 day ago

Hey, impressive Track ! good surprise. I like and vote. Could you check my last remix please ? Thanks

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Viterlo1 day ago

Nice track dude. You have my vote!!!! Can you check my las track call Progression?

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Laustsen1 day ago

Everything is on point in this track, well done.
I hope this will get #1 soon
You got yourself a well-deserved like :)

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Thx broo <3 ;D

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