During UK lockdown, I scouted for producers to create a remix EP of my last singer-songwriter release. Myself and Ben met through Soundbetter (a Spotify for Artists company) and he remixed my original song "Solitary Stars" to a feel-good summer vibe which I feel would be the right kind of music we all need in our lives right now as lockdown eases and summer is just beginning.


Dylan-muirhead18 days ago

Already voted mate 👍

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carlfryer18 days ago

Cheers dude :)

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DCRPD18 days ago

Thx for the support of my latest Further from the Truth

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massimo d andretta


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Menno Vermeankhe
Menno Vermeankhe18 days ago

Awesome vibes!!!

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6:10 Music
6:10 Music18 days ago

This is so sick, well produced and worthy of the top, great job!

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Dj Osvald
Dj Osvald18 days ago

great work, congratulations!!!

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Aden-Z18 days ago

Good track nice sound on your work, this so cool!

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aray nctrl
aray nctrl18 days ago

hey CARL FRYER, it is a good vibes !!! First of all, i voted for you bro, can you vote for my latest track please? its called my love is gone by jonas aden.
anyone want to vote for vote? ill do it!!!

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Joe Like
Joe Like19 days ago

awesome work, voted!!!!

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CLIVEOfficial19 days ago

Really nice song! Really like the vibe of it! You will definitely get a like from me! Check out my latest remix of Halsey - Without me. It would mean a lot to me

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massimo d andretta

I voted for you you would vote for me

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J3Q19 days ago

Hi, Nice track! I voted your track.
Would you voted mine?
Check it out my new track "Ilomilo"
Goodluck to the top tracks.

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The Vertical
The Vertical19 days ago

This is great track, You got my vote!
Please check out my latest track called Secret Crush :)

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SHAFF SHAFF19 days ago


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TickMusic20 days ago

Fire !

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo20 days ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote
back on my track 'ANARCHY'
Good luck.❤

Peace and Love :D

Full Album in Bio //

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Dillon Sandnes
Dillon Sandnes20 days ago

Really expressive mix! Voted

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TTRAGIC20 days ago

I got you. Liked your track. Cheers :D

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DanieX20 days ago

Good Man)

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SRLX20 days ago

Very nice mix is great and idea too! very good

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