One Touch


Afro beat,reggaeton,dancehall, super pop track soon @spotify and @tiktok


Colon Shuzzi
Colon Shuzzi5 hours ago

thanks for listening my track
so good!!

Score: 1
ZEKA_OFFICIAL6 hours ago

Thanks for supporting my remix of My love is gone!! Your track is amazing!!! Voted back!! Good luck!!!

Score: 1
Janh Gabriell
Janh Gabriell6 hours ago

the beat its pretty sick and that melody fits pretty awesome with that vocal that its pretty cool too, it gives a really cool dancehall and afro beat feeling and the mix it sound pretty good to me, really nice job on this song, voted and good luck

Score: 1
Cann Zeka
Cann Zeka8 hours ago

I voted for you it's a nice song !

Score: 1
twentyfauxcarat12 hours ago

Sick tune dude! I really like the melody and sounds!

Score: 1
D&C13 hours ago

Hi, Voted, nice track. Thanks for your support on “The Signs” please vote for my remix of “Breathe out.

Score: 1
Fever AA
Fever AA13 hours ago

Nice, I really like the guitar sounds!
I voted it
Could you please check out my song "BTB"
It would be great!

Score: 1
Síntoma Dj.
Síntoma Dj.15 hours ago

Voted bro!

Score: 2
Driich15 hours ago

Great stuff, love the chill vibe of this

Score: 1
Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra17 hours ago

Cool track man. Hope to get a vote back on my latest remix and a listen on my latest mix on soundcloud!

Score: 1
Jorright17 hours ago

I like the vibe! Very good

Score: 1
RasseSippe18 hours ago

Love the vocal! Good luck!

Score: 1
×Björn×19 hours ago

Nice one! Good luck 👍

Score: 1
Nikko Thompson
Nikko Thompson22 hours ago

Hey KukaMuka, you have my vote! vote for my new music I LOVE YOU. track Follow me on 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦: @nikkothompsonmusic then send me a message there with your link 📲 ! I'll follow you their, don't forget to stop by my Soundcloud too, regards Nikko Thompson.

Score: 1
Seven Aries
Seven Aries1 day ago

Crazy track dude! Definitely voted. I would appreciate if you could vote back my latest remix for Jonas Aden's My Love Is Gone!

Score: 1
NAM3L3SS1 day ago


Score: 1
Mauricio Barba

Amazing guitar al lyrics, voted!

Score: 1
De-Static1 day ago

i come back to my 18-ears old :) It was the same emotions, absolutely free, no obligations, pure love, summer, girlfriend, first love - Best !

Score: 1
hizki12431 day ago

voted bro!

Score: 1
DragoonDj1 day ago

good job i voted and followed you follow back thanx

Score: 1