Except me as I am! :)


RasseSippe11 days ago

Love the synths on this one!

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Cryptic Sound
Cryptic Sound11 days ago

Dope drop and sick kick!! Voted :) check back ?

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Cryptic Sound
Cryptic Sound11 days ago

Dope drop and sick kick!! Voted :) check back?

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🌊 Proa Deejay 🌊

Hello friend, I love your track.

You have my vote :)

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Darenzo12 days ago

Hi there !Voted & followed ! Interesting track and choice of sounds ! I hope you will do well in the charts, I really hope all of us here in Spinnin Talent Pool will eventually get our release and our big break, including you. Can you spare some time to check any of my tracks on Spinnin Talent Pool ? If you like them, please leave a vote and feedback, I would really appreciate that, I have released some songs and I would love the feeback from you. Also, if you are interested in learning some production tips, getting feedback on your music, maybe even collabing or just simply speaking and discussing about any kinds of music, contact me via Instagram @darenzo_music. I'll be waiting and once again best of luck !

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LVBAS12 days ago


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Lello_Oliver12 days ago

Hello my friend

You have my vote and appreciation for your music....

Can I count on yours?
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Jaxie12 days ago

Yo nice! Can you check my latest remix. Tnank you! :)

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Aalexis13 days ago

A stomper especially from 0.40. Very good job, i like that little loop just before the drop a lot too. Nice brass sounds too take it in a slightly different direction. Appreciate if you could give a listen and maybe vote back on my new track "Copyright"

Score: 2
SRLX13 days ago

Sounds little offkey. Drops is great !! you voted and liked this track u will LOVE My collab with dispawn. Its called Desire and it has VERY DEEP BASS . I know u are going to like it so chek it OUT!!


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Diskade13 days ago

Hey dope song voted! If you could please check out my new song Crazy MF and vote it too. Bless up

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Miss Tonica  (M.T)

Listen to my new single "Starstorm"
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NRAVV13 days ago

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CASEMI13 days ago

Why is a song over suddenly? You should lose an entry in full version.

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Cole Phillips
Cole Phillips13 days ago

cool track! I really like the rhythm and sounds in the drop. It sounds really cool! If you don't mind, could you please check out my remix for Jonas Aden's contest? I'm only 14 but I think that I did a good job and I would love some feedback and possibly a vote if you like it.

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Leroh14 days ago


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SuperRichard44414 days ago

Awesome Track 🎡
Vote 4 you πŸ’₯
Support me Back with a Comment / Vote on the Music Track 'NintenPat' πŸ™πŸŽΆ
Thanks a lot and All the Best here in the Talent Pool

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Yannes14 days ago

Absolutely great track Fancy J London! Voted! Could you vote back please!

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SRLX14 days ago

Good idea. there. If you like BASSS go to listen My track called DESIRE It has very funky bass and if u like BASS u will like the song. Like and vote if u feel like it :D VOTED : ))))

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DJ SoundBlaster30

First of all: You have my Vote!! :-D
It's amazing track you have Made
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Good Luck with The Ranking

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