My last track of my debut EP. It’s not my favourite track but I tried. Please remember if you don’t have anything good/nice to say don’t say it. Hope you enjoy this track. Instagram @kelli_mythen Tiktok @kelli_mythen


Antoine & Kops
Antoine & Kops2 days ago

VOTED that was incredible bro you have my support you can achieve great things.
I also make music if you could vote for my track TOXINS I would appreciate it.,

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Drexilla4 days ago

I really love your sound! ❤️ You have a great vibe and energy! I voted for you. Will you please take a moment to listen and vote for my remix of Wave Wave’s "Broke". I really need your help! 😊
Thank you and great luck with your track!!!

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twentyfauxcarat5 days ago

Really likin this man! Good luck!

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Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra5 days ago

Cool track man. Hope to get a vote back on my latest remix and a listen on my latest mix on soundcloud!

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XCyclon6 days ago

Sparks Very good work friend, I will vote for you, pls listen to my last song!!

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Asaro6 days ago

Nice Track Kelli, I voted! Can you vote back for my Remix of Jonas Aden´s "My Love Is Gone", Merci

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massimo d andretta

I voted for you. if you want to reciprocate. 🙌

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SuperRichard4447 days ago

Great Track 🎵
Vote 4 you 💥
Support me Back with a Comment / Vote on the Music Track 'NintenPat' 🙏🎶
Thanks a lot and All the Best here in the Talent Pool

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SKXIXKZ8 days ago

I like the groove,. Very interesting. Voted.

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EnergyWolf9 days ago

Great Track I like it😇 and you get my vote😇
But vote me back
EnergyWolf Hardstyle vol1

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Joel Avalo
Joel Avalo9 days ago

I voted for your track.
I hope you could do the same and vote
back on my track 'PARALYSIS'
Good luck.❤

Peace and Love :D

Full Album in Bio

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Diskade9 days ago

great song voted!

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Cryptic Sound
Cryptic Sound10 days ago

Catchy and unique i like it :) Voted! Check back?

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MORTEZ10 days ago

I need your vote for the contest ...

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MORTEZ10 days ago

its awesome

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MORTEZ10 days ago

i love your music man

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MORTEZ10 days ago

nice house music

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SoldierOfStreet11 days ago

Nice track . Voted :)

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Yannes11 days ago

AMAZING track KELLI! Really like it! Voted! Could you vote back please.:)

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J3Q12 days ago

Hi, Nice track! I voted your track.
Would you voted mine?
Check it out my new track "Ilomilo"
Goodluck to the top tracks.

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