BAEER.1 day ago

Hey Bro!!

Nice remix, I really enjoy it!

Could you vote and give your opinion on my latest remix "My Love Is Gone"?

Thanks for your music and for your support<3


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Jan Herx
Jan Herx2 days ago

Hey man, your remix sounds really clean and good! VOTED & SUPPORTED!!
It would be nice if you could check out my remix of 'WaveWave - Broke' on my profile!

best regards Jan Herx

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TMak5 days ago

Nice man! I like the vibe. VOTED! Take a listen to my remix of My Love Is Gone. VOTE if you like it..

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twentyfauxcarat6 days ago

I really enjoyed this track, it's fire bro!

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Ego026 days ago

thank you so much !

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PhurryVermin8 days ago

Decent! Check the bomb mix I whipped up! :)

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Lelkik8 days ago

Cool track, I love your style, this one of the best remixes of Broke, VOTED!

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Ego026 days ago

Thank you :)!

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Zibrog10 days ago

Really Cool! Voted!
Check out & vote my remix of kryder " Stay With Me " Thanks !

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gravagerz11 days ago

really dope remix bro!!! my remix of "my love is gone" is out now! go check it and tell me what do you think!!!!!

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NVee Make it bangin'

Hey Ego2, Great track. You Have my vote. Please take time to check out my Broke Remix. Please comment & Vote. Enjoy and Good Luck!.

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carlfryer12 days ago

Nice job, you got my vote! Mind returning the favour with my track "Solitary Stars"? Best of luck in the rankings!

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Trennik12 days ago

Nice track bro. I liked it alot and voted for you
Please check out my new remix for this contest and vote for me.
Thank you!

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KukaMuka12 days ago

WeHello! I voted Your track!Vote back my ONE TOUCH! Thanks!

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