Hi! Thanks again for listening.!!


Geeyo Ibra
Geeyo Ibra3 days ago

Yoo nice track man. Hope to get votes back on my 2 remixes for jonas!

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Kenshin Trickster

Wow Love this Remix!
Keep up the good work! You have my vote.
Can you check my Remix "KRYDER & NINO LUCARELLI StayWithMe(Kenshin Trickster Remix)” ? 
Good Luck!

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twentyfauxcarat5 days ago

This track is tight! Good mix!

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RasseSippe5 days ago

Love the bounce in the drop!

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Ryan Cristopher
Ryan Cristopher7 days ago

Dope drop dude!
I really enjoyed your track my friend! You got my support!
If you would not mind could you check out my latest track Kryder X Nino Lucarelli - Stay With Me [Ryan Cristopher Remix]
Anyways keep up the good work and always strive to improve! (Any feedback would be appreciated as well!)
-Ryan Cristopher

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Fillip_Kaasa8 days ago

Great job!! Voted - Mind returning the favour on my "My Love Is Gone" Remix?

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UnMasked9 days ago

Hey, cool remix, Great drop :o !!
What do you think of my Remix Stay with me? Hope you'll enjoy it !

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Zibrog10 days ago

Really Cool! Voted !
Check out & vote my remix of kryder " Stay With Me " Thanks !

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Fieramosca10 days ago

This is great voted!

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GLAIVE10 days ago


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gravagerz10 days ago

really dope remix! congrats! my remix of "my love is gone" is OUT aswell, go check it and tell me what do you think! and if you like it, leave a like, I would really appreciate it!

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skreepz10 days ago

Nice remix! You definetly got my vote! Maybe you wanna check out my remix of "My Love Is Gone" and vote back for it if you like it!

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Anna Nas ✅
Anna Nas ✅11 days ago

Wow really well done!! Congrats r u on instagram? :) Voted for you, what do you think of my remix of Nitti Grittis All in? Would be curious to hear! Best, @AnnaNasMusic

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DÆLEY11 days ago

Sick remix, voted !!! Check my "broke" & vote ;)

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carlfryer11 days ago

Nice work man, you got my vote! Mind returning the favour with my track "Solitary Stars"?

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KukaMuka11 days ago

Hello! I voted Your track!Vote back my ONE TOUCH! Thanks!


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