Wave Wave feat. Joel Crouse - Broke (Aquawave Remix) is OUT NOW! Follow me on instagram: www.instagram.com/aquawave4music/


Exodya21 hours ago

Very nice vibes man!! VOTED💥
Take a listen to my remix of 'Broke'! VOTE if you like it🔥

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DanLmusic1 day ago

Wow i like the vibe of your remix. Voted. Would you like to check out my remix of Broke? Thank you.

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GFE ultra
GFE ultra2 days ago

Interesting version..cool ideas..Voted

i ve entered the WaveWave contest.;would you check my "Broke" remix??
Thnxxxxx & Good luck for your music!

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H33F4N3 days ago

loved that drop,voted:)

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Geweldig. Keep up the sound 🌸

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m jo4 days ago

Wauw! Proud of you!!

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Ton idema
Ton idema4 days ago

Great mix, trots op je.

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Di Vice
Di Vice5 days ago

Very good job dude, love it!!

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Quaza5 days ago

This is sooo cool, tight mix bro! voted.
could you check my jonas aden remix? much appreciated bro!

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TMak5 days ago

Nice track man! I like the vibe. VOTED! Take a listen to my remix of My Love Is Gone. VOTE if you like it.

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Yuri Kim
Yuri Kim6 days ago

Wow, this is great! I loved this rhythm, these vocal chops and the melodies. This is very emotional and very interesting. I really liked this, you did an amazing job and I vote for you!!!
Aquawave, check out my remix of 'My Love Is Gone' and, if you want, vote for it too! Thank you and good luck!

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UnMasked6 days ago

Hey nice remix, so cool vocal chop :o, I think u should adjust the velocity of the most high vocal note.
What do u think of my chill remix My Love is Gone ?

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Fieramosca6 days ago

Really cool work voted!

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Danny Okmpo
Danny Okmpo6 days ago

Hi bro!! Amazing work here and really nice vibes
Please, Check out my last track Pleasure. Enjoy and Good luck!

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skreepz6 days ago

Really great work on that remix! Nice vibe as well! Liked and followed! I you like check out my remix of "My Love Is Gone" as well :)

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Canilho6 days ago

Great track. Liked👍
Please check my remix of "Jonas Aden - My Love is Gone" and vote if you like it.

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PhurryVermin6 days ago

lol sounded like Miley for a sec .. nice! Check the bomb mix I whipped up! :)

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EINNOSZ6 days ago

Yes dude, you got my voted 🤩 i Loved it
Can you listen my Remix Contest?
Thanks :D...

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Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino6 days ago

Just checking your remix mate.. the arrangement sounds cool! i like how u worked on the original.. definitely nice stuff congrats :) You have my VOTE!!! and good luck in the contest ;)
Also i invite you to check to my last upload -> "AlessiaLabate-Somethingspecial (Riv3rick Remix)" and hope you could leave a vote <3 back! Would really appreaciate :) thankss

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Z3U56 days ago

well done remix, lovely drop and vocal chops. voted.


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