Christopher Damas - THE SUN!


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MaNaSe187 months ago


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Dj Funky
Dj Funky2 years ago


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ABLENRY3 years ago

VOTED, very nice track, sounds great!
You've got my vote :)

Please support me in the contest! I hope that you vote me back...
Check out my Remix of Summer On You and vote if you like it!

Thank you anyway,


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Jay Simons
Jay Simons3 years ago

Please listen to my new track:

Jay Simons - Sunlight

Vote if you like it and leave a comment with the name of your song.
I will vote back ??

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Saffron3 years ago

voted really liked it...pls vote back on my sing me to sleep remix

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Ratsound3 years ago

Voted! Vote back if you like my new collab
Ratsound & Averreo - Molecuels!!!

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Daysen Kerren3 years ago

I voted for your track and followed you ;)
Please vote for my remix too, I'd appreciate it a lot.
Thanks :)

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TheMuter3 years ago

Voted, Check Out My remix
"Vassy - Nothing To Lose (Remix),.

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

Voted! Please vote back.

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RONGGAR3 years ago

Nice ! Voted!
Mind to check my new track " Wake Me (Original Mix) "
Please vote & give me feedback !
Thanks Bro!

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Fish Fox
Fish Fox3 years ago

VOTED!! Niceeeeeeeee!
Check out my track "I Can't Even Remember"!! :D
And vote back if you like it!!!

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "Sinergy""

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Francis Bennet3 years ago

My vote! Hi I am artist from Russia! I like your work and I want to share my track! I would be very grateful if you appreciate my track Mornin day! All good and positive sea!w

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Nick Laos
Nick Laos3 years ago

Voted! And Supported! Check out my remix of " Summer On You " and if you like my work maybe vote back for me :)

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Rophnan3 years ago

Amazing sound 100% voted!!!!!!!
pls also listen and vote my new track “celebrate life”
follow me In spinnnin’ & sound cloud I will follow u back

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Naoki P
Naoki P3 years ago

nice work ! i voted :)
please check out my track "Loneliness"!

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Tom Adrian
Tom Adrian3 years ago

vote for you bro!, please vote me back for my track "I Wanna Hide" and " I Wanna Hide (Extended)" If you like it realy support me with your vote :)....

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RealEdyMarron3 years ago

Super!!! I realy like this one!!! Its Awesome!! Voted offcourse!!

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ØMAR3 years ago

voted can you vote for my track'Extinction' if you like it.*

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Carbon & Oxide3 years ago

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