I hope you guys like this track! Please vote for it and check out my other tracks and vote for them as well.


Franzisco3 years ago

Hi BeatMaster Slim! This is Franzisco :). I Voted for your track, good job on the production!

Please vote for my new remix called >>> Adore <<< and I return the favor!

and leave a comment with some feedback it would mean a lot to me.
Much love ! Thank you :)

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Raffa3 years ago

this is mad bro voted! check out mine and vote if you like it.

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A P Y A3 years ago

Great remix guy ;)
I voted for you !!!!
Now please, vote for my bigroom/progressive house remix with Max Entilo :D
Thanks !!!

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Knissian3 years ago

Voted for you. Vote back. Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Antes3 years ago

Nice remix! This is pure dope! Voted for it as well. If you have a time by the way, you can check my version of this track, under 'Contests' tab, titled 'You-Lost Kings (Daniel Antes Remix)'. If you liked it, you can vote, share, do both or just enjoy the music! Thanks a lot!

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Felanso3 years ago

Hey! Can you pls vote for my remix of 'You'? If you write in the comments of my track that you have voted I will check it and then you will get 2 votes from willaser and refab! (Search them and you can check it) If you have already voted plesas make a comment and I will check it. Good luck :)

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'3 years ago

nice track..I have three tracks for you to listen to.."VOTE FOR ME" "BOUNCERS" ````AND "YOU" please listen and vote if you like them Thank you.\

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Raffa3 years ago

mad track beatmaster! check out my remix bro

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felsensternmodus3 years ago

We made a track that is entirely different from the most here with real bass, drums and guitar.
Give it a listen and vote for it if you like it ;)-------

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NICO Official
NICO Official3 years ago

very smooth remix! i love the drop!!!
Thanks for supporting my remix as well

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Alkache3 years ago

Cool track, sounds really nice! Voted! Please, vote for my track INSTINCT.

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JesperJ3 years ago

voted for you!

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Vicetech3 years ago

Great Remix! Voted !!! Please Vote Back for my Remix!!! Thanks!!!!!!

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HVT PROJECT3 years ago

Nice edit! I like your work sound! voted!! I hope you support me back and my remix of "Lost Kings" for the contest! Big Thanks

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Thanks for voting for my remix!!:)
You Ft. Katelyn Tarve - Lost Kings [ET Remix]

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Billy Palk3 years ago

Great! Just voted. Good Luck and vote back if you like:)!!!

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Nick Fav
Nick Fav3 years ago

Hi, nice work !!! Voted !
if you like my remix reciprocates !!!
-Nick :D

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Laxes3 years ago

voted 4real bro :) pls check my "You" remix and give me your vote back, thnx..

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Cassedo3 years ago

Hey BeatMaster Slim.....Good Remix....I have realy voted (you can look@ my profile)....please VOTE back to "Lost Kings - YOU ft. Katelyn Tarver (CA$$3DO R3MIX)".....Many Thanks

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M | S A V V Y
M | S A V V Y3 years ago

Yo this is good Slim! Voted forsure... Check my remix out and give it a possible VOTE?? Thanks!

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