KSHMR - Touch (Emoter Remix)

KSHMR & Felix Snow ft. Madi

Hey guys! This is my entry for the Remix Contest on Spinnin' Records. Vote plz!! PS: vote for vote!


JF Jake
JF Jake4 years ago

Nice Remix Emoter! :) What do you think of my song "Summer is Coming"? It would be awesome if you could vote for it! :) Follow me and I follow back!

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beautiful track!!! , I voted for you ,
reciprocates if you like !!

Antony4s&Dimitri2v - Magnetic Field
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Alkache4 years ago

COOL track, drop is really powerful! Voted! Please, vote for my track ''Midnight City''.

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André Gerrits
André Gerrits4 years ago

Hey, Awesome Track, Nice Melody Voted !! Could you vote for my touch - remix ?

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TGOT4 years ago

Nice use of a different synth at the drop. Btw, check out my Touch remix in my profile. It's totally funky and different from all the other remixes.

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RACAR BOY4 years ago

Nice remix, voted!!!!!! Can you vote back for my Touch remix, thanks !!!!!

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Jouklass4 years ago

Good work Emoter! I voted on your track and I wish you the best of luck for this contest.
Support me too and vote for my 'TOUCH' remix.


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Marrelix4 years ago

Great track! Voted! Please vote back for my remix of "Touch".
spinninrecords .com/talentpool/track/67669-kshmr-felix-snow-ft-madi-touch/

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NICO Official
NICO Official4 years ago

Voted! really nice track!!! Would be nice if you vote for my remix of KSHMR- Touch

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Numa g
Numa g4 years ago

VOTED! Awesome track dude, loved it!
Lets help each other and listen to my track Touch, if you like it please vote back!
If you will thanks a lot ;) Good luck on the contest!!

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Know-Down4 years ago

Hi Emoter your Remix is so good. I like the kick is so... yes I like it, and the bass is very great. Your mixing is good but your setting of the EQ should be more search but it's good like that, and i love your very good use to synth. Good luck for the contest ! I think you can be in the top 50 of the contest ! You have my vote, I VOTED for you so
Please can you check out my remix "Touch" and VOTE for me if you like it, it's a deep house remix. I'm just 13 years old !

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Jouklass4 years ago

Good job man! chek my remix and vote too if you like it!

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phychemat4 years ago

Sounds solid. Voted for you.... Please vote me back on TOUCH remix.....

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Vorward4 years ago

Nice Remix! Your Drop and vocal work seems pretty solid, but the drop lead is a bit to loud for my taste. Please check out my Remix and give Some Feedback too :)

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Bruninho Linhares

Beautiful remix, very good! You have my vote! Please vote also on my remix of "touch," Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!

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Creajum4 years ago

Voted Emoter, good track ! I like) Please check my remix "Touch" Thank you my friend ;)

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick4 years ago

Nice remix man! VotedVote for our remix too!

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison4 years ago

Hi Emoter ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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BUSTERZ4 years ago

Already Voted and Followed you :)
If you didn’t follow me back yet, follow me back please, my mate :) Keep it up and cheers! Thank you for your support:)
"KSHMR & Felix Snow Ft. Madi - Touch (Busterz Remix)"

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Phil Devon *OFFICIAL*

Hey awesome remix Emoter !! Really nice man I like it! Voted!! :) If you can vote back and listen to my remix I did on KSHMR's & Felix Snow's track "Touch" I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!! :)

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