KSHMR & Felix Snow ft. Madi

Hi! I am Mike Angello. and this is my remix. was fun working with vocal for first time. It was a difficult job for me hehe. but I am very happy with the results. escuhcar and thanks for reading. do not forget that any submanagement or criticism is welcome. regards!


RACAR BOY4 years ago

Nice one, voted!Can you vote for my Touch remix, thanks!!!!!

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Creajum4 years ago

Voted Mike Angello Albor, good track ! I like) Please check my remix "Touch" Thank you my friend ;)

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NEW EZRA4 years ago

This is an amazing track!! I voted.
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christian seniskúl

Hey Mike Angello Albor! Cool track. Need some votes? Vote my remix "touch" and post a comment.
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eXnoir4 years ago

Awesome remix. Got my vote!

Please vote for my touch remix too ;)


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128 Hours4 years ago

voted////////////// vote for a new song 128 Hours-hype n flex

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Mike Harrison
Mike Harrison4 years ago

Hi Mike ! I just love your remix. There's a lot of work. That's sounds really great ! Congrats ! I voted for you, so you can vote for my remix ! You can hear it on my profile ! Thanks !

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ΛLEXΛNDR4 years ago

Nice tune! Voted for your remix :) for vote? :P

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Dan Heale
Dan Heale4 years ago

Great remix Mike!! Voted! I'd be very grateful if you could also give mine a listen and maybe return the favour by voting!

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick4 years ago

Nice remix man! VotedVote for our remix too!

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Vanir Elda
Vanir Elda4 years ago

excellently done, voted and please vote back for my remix!

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Numa g
Numa g4 years ago

Nice track Mike, VOTED!!
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If you will thanks a lot! Good luck on the contest!

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BUSTERZ4 years ago

Awesome!! Great Track!
Voted and Followed you :)
Keep it up and cheers!
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"KSHMR & Felix Snow Ft. Madi - Touch (Busterz Remix)"

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Ryan Estus
Ryan Estus4 years ago

Hey Mike, your remix is just so awsm i can't get enough of it its just great and I have VOTED for u. Clearly you made a lot a effort to make the elements sit together tightly in the mix. Please Check Out My Track TOO and vote back for me. Click on my name and then >contest>kshmr-felix-snow-ft-madi-touch (remix) ... hope u'll like it. :)

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BeatCoins4 years ago

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Aiso4 years ago

Good job on the remix Mike! I really love this a lot and i voted for you!
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SkyBeats4 years ago

NICEEE TRAAACK, I hope you get into the top 10,
Vote 4 Vote???
Profile > Contest > Touch

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Hype & BraKe4 years ago

Hey Bro nice track..... really a barngerz, u gived a really fresh sound here.... I think I'm gonna play it in my next party.... voted and follow you..... I really appreciate if u can follow me too here. Keep up bro go on with ur style. I love it. :)

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Xyster4 years ago

Voted! Its a real nicke remix! Please Check out mined

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