Touch (Sam Butler Remix)

KSHMR & Felix Snow ft. Madi

This is my remix of "Touch", hope you enjoy and please Vote! I'll vote back :)


DJKOfficialUK3 years ago

I also like this version of Touch and I have no comment on the production work as this is very good and I like it :-)

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JF Jake
JF Jake3 years ago

Nice Remix Sam Butler! :) What do you think of my song "Summer is Coming"? It would be awesome if you could vote for it! :) Follow me and I follow back!

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confinemusic4 years ago

Awesome remix of Touch!! Let me know if you like mine and vote!!! CONFINE

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Alkache4 years ago

....::::C..O..O..L::::.... track, drop is really powerful! Voted! Please , vote for my track ''Midnight City''.

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Till4AM4 years ago

I will tell you this, the drop is very unique! Not quite my style, but certainly not like anything i've ever heard before! I voted for you! And i would of course appreciate it if you took the time to listen to my remix of Touch as well, and maybe voted for it, as mutual support! ;) Thanks!

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Jouklass4 years ago

Good work Sam Butler! I voted on your track and I wish you the best of luck for this contest.
Support me too and vote for my 'TOUCH' remix.


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Linus Official4 years ago

Quality production Sam! Already voted. Keep up the good work! Vote Back?

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Nikademis4 years ago

Hey nice track Sam!! You definitely got my support on this one. I voted! Mind returning the favor and voting for my new remix of 'Touch' as well? I could really use your support.
Well done!!

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Numa g
Numa g4 years ago

VOTED! Awesome track dude, loved it!
Lets help each other and listen to my track Touch, if you like it please vote back!
If you will thanks a lot ;) Good luck on the contest!!

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Joseph_K4 years ago

Great Track!! Already Voted you!!!!
Please Check My Touch Remix ;)
Thanks Bro~!

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ABII4 years ago

Voted !!! Awesome Track bro really learned a lot form it. Check out my track and vote for me too!!

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Rico Garcia
Rico Garcia4 years ago

Amazing track

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j.a.l.4 years ago

Nice remix ! Voted ! Vote for me if you like :)

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Miguel Hernandrop

Good work, niceee remix bro, you have my vote & follow. Pls listen my track Pulse Power & if you like & donĀ“t mind vote back & follow me . Thanks for your attention & good luck in contest

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SAKETH REDDY4 years ago

VOTED!! Back with a remix, this time for spinnin records contest! i hope you like me remix & do show some support by voting through!! Thank you :)

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Roni Meller
Roni Meller4 years ago


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Phil Devon *OFFICIAL*

Hey great remix dude!! Nice man I like it! Voted!! :) If you dont mind voting back and listening to my first original track I put out called "Dream" I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!! :)

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Marrelix4 years ago

Great track! Voted! Please vote back for my remix of "Touch".
spinninrecords .com/talentpool/track/67669-kshmr-felix-snow-ft-madi-touch/

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Creajum4 years ago

Voted Sam Butler, good track ! I like) Please check my remix "Touch" Thank you my friend ;)

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Velo James4 years ago

Awesome remix Sam, you got my vote. Please vote back for my "Touch" remix :D

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