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Jay Hardway4 years ago

Original track! funny vocal and works well with the track. Drop sound is very nice, but the track misses some energy. I think that has to do with the melody of the drop and the fact that the lead sound doesn't really change. Like Spinnin' said in their feedback, the 2nd and 3rd drop need something extra to keep the energy. Try to play around with the melody a bit and add some original sounds. But it already sounds promising so keep working on it! Cheers, Jay

Score: 2
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MADE4 years ago

Thanks Jay! I truly appreciate the feedback.

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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 4 years ago

Thanks for your submission! We hear some powerful and original elements in this track but, the build up needs a bit of work, The second and third drop needs some extra juice to maintain the energylevel, Great job so far, you've got our vote!

Score: 12
Jay Mark
Jay Mark4 years ago

Awesome track man! You deserve #1!

Score: -2
Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic4 years ago

Heavy stuff. Keep on, don't go pop.

Score: 1
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sKulpture4 years ago

Deserve number one bud! Just like my remix for touch ????

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Joey Nandow
Joey Nandow4 years ago

Insane :D Vote for mine '' Lama '' if you like it :D

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Nick Monologg
Nick Monologg4 years ago

Hey Im Voted and Supported!

Vote Back For My latest track #Future Boogie

'Thanks YouR!

Score: -2
Alvin Eldin
Alvin Eldin4 years ago

Congrats to place Nr1. Really like your track and voted for you! :)

Hope you can check out our remix of KSHMR and Felix Snow-Touch, and vote back if you like it :) keep it up

Score: -3
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MADE4 years ago

Thanks guys! I truly appreciate the feedback.

Score: 8
George_Spy_dJ4 years ago

Nice song,voted!Please vote back my track ''What A Day(official audio)'' tnx ;)

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Lukrembo4 years ago

This is amazing track!!! I voted.
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Vote for me!!! Thanks!!

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Beats per Minute
Beats per Minute4 years ago

Voted your track to reach up high again!
Can you do the same for me if you have time to listen and like!

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HAKJAK4 years ago

Good Track!!,You have our vote.
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Lawrenz M
Lawrenz M4 years ago

Voted ! Very Nice Track !
Listen to my new track "Spring Break" and vote back if you like it ;D

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia4 years ago

Just voted, love this, could you vote my remix of Sam Feldt Shadows Of Love? Thank you ! much love for you ! cool one!!!

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VOIC3S4 years ago

Great job!!!!!!!) Sounds cool and professionally!
Please check out our new track "Sun goes down" too ;)
And vote back Pls, if u like it;)

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backw4rds4 years ago

Voted :)
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Thank you!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Very good track submission, M Λ D E! Hope your track finds its way up again in this chart! Curious what you think of my submission: talentpool/track/72197-marky-v-lectro-tropical-escape! ... All the best!

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Aik Lim
Aik Lim4 years ago

Voted :)! Good job :)
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vote for me please "A!k L!m x Maestro - Hydrohertz (Original Mix)"

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Sakha EDM
Sakha EDM4 years ago

Good track each!) Good work!) I liked it) to vote for you! You too can please listen to my song

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Carlo Bari
Carlo Bari4 years ago

good vibes here! maybe U can do better on mixing strumental part ..EQ work... btw ..some potential in here !!! <3 . if U want listen to my last production IT'S YOU ! vote if u like! ... VOTED :D.

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ZTSky4 years ago

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Roby Koenigs
Roby Koenigs4 years ago

Hey great track! Voted!
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Thanks :)

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Roby Koenigs
Roby Koenigs4 years ago


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BlâckBax4 years ago

M Λ D E Friend incredible sound!!! Good mixture!! Voted!! If you want scout my song .. and give me a vote!:D

Score: 0

beautiful track!!! , I voted for you ,
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diegomodolo4 years ago

Nice track! Voted!! Can you support my remix: KSHMR & Felix Snow ft Madi - Touch(diegomodolo remix)? For the link go on my profile

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Arys4 years ago

I liked this one! Voted!
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