KSHMR, Felix Snow ft. Madi

Techno power Remix...

Drumfire2 years ago

WOW! I love this! I have voted! I hope you keep making music because this is special :) Please vote for my ''Touch'' remix!

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Armand Cost
Armand Cost2 years ago

Voted, listen to my bootlegs, Nachtbraker-You're Out of Your Element (Detroit Swindle Remix) Can Feel It (Armand Cost bootleg Edit) and Waterm├Ąt - Bullit ( Armand Cost Bootleg Mix) and vote if they deserve it, good luck!

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Xyster2 years ago

Voted! Its a real nicke remix! Please Check out minec

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Voted! Cool track!
Please check our new track "GOAL2016!"

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Thushantha2 years ago

Voted!!!!!.Please vote my remix.[KSHMR & Felix Snow Ft. Madi - Touch (Thushantha Remix)].

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Leo Deca2 years ago

Nice house beat and cool drums (y) Maybe listen to my remix, too ;D

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liylemusic2 years ago

Hey Max really good remix! I like what you've done especially during the drop lead! Would really appreciate it if you would mind checking out my remix to this as well! Bumped the track up to 120bpm and gone for a pretty unique style! :) Anyways best of luck, you've got my vote and I hope you like mine enough to vote for mine too if you decide to listen to it! Thanks for your time and good look everybody! <3

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Lukrembo2 years ago

This is amazing track!! I voted.
Please check out my new track "Replica" and give me your opinion.
Vote for me!! Thanks!!

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Phil Devon 2
Phil Devon 22 years ago

Hey awesome remix DJMAXLIETTA!! Very nice I like it! Voted!! :) If you can vote back and listen to my remix I did on Coldplay's track called "Adventure of a Lifetime" I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks! :)

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KLVNG2 years ago

Great remix man!! Voted for you! :)

Hope you can check out our remix of KSHMR and Felix Snow-Touch, and vote back if you like it :) keep it up.

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Luxx2 years ago

Hay Nice Remix bro :D VOTED
Please support me with vote back :(
IF you will thx a Lot ^^

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RomeMusic2 years ago

Voted !! Nice Track !
Please Check My KSHMR REMIX and VOTE please

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twok2 years ago

Voted Dj Maxlietta, nice remix! Really like this.

I would appreciate it if you check out my new track and vote me back.
My track is 'If You Are There'.
Thank you so much!

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`-` gazzle  `-`
`-` gazzle `-`2 years ago

good track.....please vote for my track "THE TRACE" thank you ...,

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Covino2 years ago

Woah very cool track man!! Im really liking it and I voted!! (: Please vote back and listen to my remix of Justin Bieber's track "What Do You Mean" I'd really appreciate it!! :)

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byoqy2 years ago

This is Nice!

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Ralone Blitz 22 years ago

DJ maxlietta Voted, please vote for my in My GAMER Mix

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Vote me back if you want to support me :))

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CRINOR2 years ago

vote can you gift me your vote please!!!

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Agustin Caro
Agustin Caro2 years ago

really nice emix maxlietta ;) voted 4 u, then check my "Touch" remix too if u want :) thanks & good luck bro!

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