Touch(BeatMaster Slim Remix)

KSHMR & Felix Snow ft. Madi

I hope you like it! Please listen and vote. :)


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Jouklass3 years ago

Good work . I'm Voted and Supported!
I Hope you vote me back and support me.
Please Check My Touch Remix!

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G_T3 years ago

Im digging this vibe slim! I just gave you my official vote.
Please vote for my version as well (Music >Contests > Touch > ) and give it a listen if you have a chance. -Thanks!

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avaroanddale3 years ago

Good job. Keep the good work up Beat Master. You got our vote. Listen to our remix of touch and tell us what you think. Dont forget to vote.

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confinemusic3 years ago

Love this remix of Touch, check my remix out if you get a chance! CONFINE

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Dymd3 years ago

Nice melody : ) I left my VOTE can you pleas also listen to my Track "Deep Touch" (in my Contest folder) hope you like it and please don´t forget to Vote for it to thanks.

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Daferra3 years ago

Voted!! Could you please give me a vote too? : )

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Craga3 years ago

nice track Beat master!!
Can you vote for me also..!!

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André Gerrits
André Gerrits3 years ago

Hey, Awesome Track, Nice Melody Voted !! Could you vote for my touch - remix ??

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Alkache3 years ago

COOL track , drop is really powerful! Voted! Please, vote for my track ''Midnight City''.

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Knissian3 years ago

Check back my original mix "Hypercube"

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eXnoir3 years ago

nice remix! Got my vote ;)
Support me too and vote for my "TOUCH" remix please

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Velo James3 years ago

Great remix Beatmaster Slim, I like the build up, VOTED,
please show some love back and vote back at VELOJAMES>CONTESTS>TOUCH, thanks :D :D

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a...3 years ago

Hi, good remix BeatMaster!, VOTED !, if you like my new tune, XTX - Lost in time (Original Mix) , VOTE ! thanks for your support !!!

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Know-Down3 years ago

Hi BeatMaster Slim your Remix is so good. I like the kick is so... yes I like it, and the bass is very great. Your mixing is good but your setting of the EQ should be more search but it's good like that, and i love your very good use to synth. Good luck for the contest ! I think you can be in the top 50 of the contest ! You have my vote, I VOTED for you so
Please can you check out my remix "Touch" and VOTE for me if you like it, it's a deep house remix. I'm just 13 years old !

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Solanki3 years ago

Cool Mix!!! Voted! Check out "Calling" from my track list. #BigRoom #Melody

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byoqy3 years ago

Thank you! I voted! good remix

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Nikademis3 years ago

Hey nice track BeatMaster!! You definitely got my support on this one. I voted! Mind returning the favor and voting for my new remix of 'Touch' as well? I could really use your support.
Well done!!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo3 years ago

Cool remix, really loved! Nice synts and drums. Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my remix of KSHMR - Touch, vote and give feedback.

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Joseph_K3 years ago

Very Nice Track! I like it~!
Please Vote back for my remix of touch!!!!!
Thanks You ;)

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Jeeturaj3 years ago

Hey mate! That's a great track I really loved it!! VOTED!!!! I would really appreciate if you please show me the love back by VOTING back my new track 'Rising up' and if possible, please leave your views on it! Thank you mate!!!! :)

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