Christopher Damas ft. Kate Wild



Mario Delazo
Mario Delazo3 years ago

Great :) Love the beggining... Nice!
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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'3 years ago

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InSanergy3 years ago

Nice track! Voted!

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VCRT3 years ago


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Arfk3 years ago

nice track!!!
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-TURBO-3 years ago

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WHORSE 馬3 years ago

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François F.3 years ago

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François F.3 years ago

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Jay Mark
Jay Mark3 years ago

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Daniel Koro
Daniel Koro3 years ago

Groovy! Although, the break starts to get repetitive, and shortening it and elongating the buildup could create awesome energy. Nice sounds and good luck!
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ElectRoman3 years ago

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Julukan3 years ago

Nice done Voted
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GalaxZ3 years ago


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IMOUT3 years ago


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Axison3 years ago

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DerekDada3 years ago

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick3 years ago

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dialectics3 years ago

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