A Tropical House remix I made for fun last summer!


Arys3 years ago

Great work!
Please,vote my remix Shadows Of Love(Arys Remix)

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Jun Phile3 years ago

I like this track. I really can hear your effort in your mix. I will always vote back (for real) and give you a feedback because i really want a friend who will feedback & help each other (for real). so can you vote for my original track called "Uncle Sam's Money”. leave a comment, and i will vote back as soon as i can and i really want to become your friend. i’m not joking at all. Vote4Vote. just like all the people on this site, I wanna rock the whole world with my music too. it's just a start but We WILL. support each other, that is the only thing we can win. Let's make the world change together. Just leave a comment in my page after your vote. i will wait for you

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Bruninho Linhares

Fantastic track, very good mix!
I voted for you!
Please vote on my track "BonetBoncy" contest. Thank you!!

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Trennik4 years ago

voted for your track! :)

I greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my track "Rhythem Of The Night" for this contest!

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Ali Soliman4 years ago

Good Work, Voted For You .. Please Vote Me Back on My Contest Track
"Everybody in the Place" Thanks !

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StrongHeart4 years ago

Cool mix, ! Hope your mix will climb further up this chart! Curious what you think of my submission... Good luck! and vote on Strong Heart - Phantom

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia4 years ago

Just voted, love this, could you vote my remix of Sam Feldt Shadows Of Love? Thank you ! much love for you ! :DD

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a...4 years ago

Hi, ! great track, VOTED ! Check it on my supported tracks! now, Listen my new tune, XTX - Orgasmic Room (Original Mix), if you like VOTE ! ,the track is in this Contest ! i would be so greatful with you ! Thanks for your amazing support !!! good luck !!!

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BEHNEN4 years ago

Voted! Great Track...LOVE IT:)

Please vote for my song "HOT BEAT" in the contest...if you think it deserves so :))))))))))

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Epic track, 1128954200458957! Hope your mix finds its way up again in this chart! Curious what you think of my submission: talentpool/track/72197-marky-v-lectro-tropical-escape! ... All the best!

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Darkstar The Dj
Darkstar The Dj4 years ago

Awesome track,would you mind voting my entry into the .Parookaville Contest? It is my last chance to having a career in music. A vote would be like a step closer to my safety.

Track name: I Am The Darkstar.

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ZTSky4 years ago

Awеsоme!Vоted!Listen & Vote my trаck for contest (Heаven is The Music feat. Nathan Brumley)Follow me and i follow back, best regards ZTSky! :P

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Ecto4 years ago

Very chill! Deserves a full version! Voted! Mind checking out/supporting my track?

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FERLOARG4 years ago


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Mag Angeles
Mag Angeles4 years ago

Hey GHOSTY!Great Song ! JUST VOTED FOR YOU!!! Can you please vote for me back ? /talentpool/track/73276-mag-angeles-mag-angeles-wanderlust/ Thanks & good luck bro!

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Very Good Track!!
I like it!
Please check our new track "GOAL2016!"

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Pyrs4 years ago

Amazing Production Ghosty! Voted!

I greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my track " Entire " for the contest. Good luck!

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️4 years ago

Nice remix Ghosty, I voted! Vote for me.
facebook : maxmaddmusic

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Dj Zryan
Dj Zryan4 years ago

Hey great track!! Nice I like it! Voted!! :) If you dont min d voting back and listening to my new original track (Zrryan - Deep House Torino (Original Mix) I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!! :)...

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A-Tracklife4 years ago

Voted! by the way your track is Awesome! Vote for my parokaville contest My track is Dance Organ! Thanks! Much love! :)

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