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ZTSky3 years ago

Awеsоmе! VOTED!Plеаse vоted bаck my cоntest trаck - Heаven is The Music feаt. Nathan Brumley (Original Mix), best regards ZTSky! ;)

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Tasos193 years ago

!!well bro, nice voted! i wish you'll climb higher and higher day with the day!.Please , i am a 14year old boy from greece, !!!!!!and i have a track on talent pool, and im 13th!!!! please, i supported you, please vote me back, i need your supportt!!!!!!!!!,

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Trennik3 years ago

voted for you :)

please listen to my remix of Coronas "Rhythem of the Night" an vote back if you like it!

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Nikzad & Sina
Nikzad & Sina3 years ago

First Of All We're Appreciate of your support and cooperation. we would love to have you stay tune with Us.,

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Dorian143 years ago

Hey! :)
You maked a nice track! Love it and voted!
Can you listen my track?
Dorian - Sun Cream
Leave comment and vote for me too please! :)
Thank you so much

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JF Jake
JF Jake3 years ago

Nice Track Smch! Voted for you :) It would be kind if you could vote back for my Song "Summer is Coming" :) Follow me and I follow back!

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Anonymous3 years ago


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Serdar Bingol
Serdar Bingol3 years ago

Nice track dude . I like it . Keep going like that . Voted .
Please check out my new track " Boomerang " . Thanks.
Good Luck.

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Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick3 years ago

Nice track man!! Definitely voted for you!!
Vote for our track "daydream" too!

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Nikzad & Sina
Nikzad & Sina3 years ago

Your Track Deserve It And You Have Our Vote ! Follow Artist,We Will Appreciate You Checking Our Track..

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ope63 years ago

voted please vote my track................................................

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Matthew Hollowey
Matthew Hollowey3 years ago

Hi brow Cool Track! Voted for you :) Please Voted Back on my PROFILE / CONTEST "BURN THE BASS" and commented " #Voted13BTB "
---Vote for my to not remove my vote of your song---

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Martin Vallée
Martin Vallée3 years ago

Hey guy ^^
Very nice song! I voted for you ,
reciprocates if you like :)

Martin Vallée - Going Down (ft. Ann - Shirley)

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Arys3 years ago

Please,vote Arys-Twitt lite

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Bruninho Linhares

Please read!
I loved his work, very good mix, I voted for you!
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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Nice job, Smch! Really hope your track finds its way up again in this chart! I think I just produced my best track ever! Release the Lions is an electro track symbolizing the wild side we all have inside, waiting to be released on the dance floor. Please check out my contest tracks! Curious what you think of them! Your support would be highly appreciated. ... Good luck!

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Firepad3 years ago

Hi there ! great stuff you got here, so i voted ! i really like it ! Nice synths, esepcially lead sound. I like the kick you used too :) What really stands out on this one is clean mixdown. Really well done ! Good luck getttin higher in the ranks ! Also, would you mind voting me back ? My newest deep house track 'Night drive' will definetly bring you some great vibes ! Thanks in advance !!!

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Sam KaYY
Sam KaYY3 years ago

Great Job There on the track..
Voted!!! Check my supporting track if u
don't believe me
And Vote for my Track Named IMMORTAL on The Profile Plzz

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Dionis Bivol
Dionis Bivol3 years ago

Voted :) ! Listen & vote my track "Legend"!!!!!!

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Franzisco3 years ago

Hey Smch I just checked your track and I think you put a lot of effort in it so it’s great ! Voted :)
do you want to listen to mine ?

I invite you to vote for my >>> Shadow of Love REMIX <<< on the contest !

Feel free to leave a comment I would appreciate it !
Thank you :)

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