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Carlo Bari
Carlo Bari4 years ago

good vibes here! maybe U can do better on mixing strumental part ..EQ work... btw ..some potential in here !!! <3 . if U want listen to my last production IT'S YOU ! vote if u like! ... VOTED :D

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EP1C4 years ago

Awesome job ! VOTED !
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IamMaximus4 years ago

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Kevin Díaz Sánchez

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Pierre A.
Pierre A.4 years ago

You got my vote !

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Voltox4 years ago

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ZTSky4 years ago

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Daferra4 years ago

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Alex Stash
Alex Stash4 years ago

Voted! Please check out my track "Like That" thanks :)

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Axel Clay ✪
Axel Clay ✪4 years ago

Hi, very good job and the production is really good. Good style the drop is very original and If you have a little time listen to my latest track called "Trumpets" Inspired in future house producers like -MESTO- Thanks and Keep it cheers!

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Don Kon
Don Kon4 years ago

Voted!!! Please vote back!!!

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JIAWAZ4 years ago

Regardless asking for voting back and these copy paste shits,
Let me take a moment here to say that this track is professional, We defiantly have a talent here, u deserve rank higher, I ll vote for u !
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Good luck

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eXtreme09Pure4 years ago

thanks a lot,voted back!

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backw4rds4 years ago

Wow! Voted ;)
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Thank you!

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Kheal4 years ago

good track man, keep it up on that Way !

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Aik Lim
Aik Lim4 years ago

Voted :)! Good job :) Listen please my track, and if you like it
vote for me please "A!k L!m x Maestro - Hydrohertz (Original Mix)"

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eternal dreamer
eternal dreamer4 years ago

Awesome job ! VOTED!!
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Voltox4 years ago

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Eric Vytralix
Eric Vytralix4 years ago

Awesome track dude! You've got my vote(;
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Okay have a nice day(:

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Naoki P
Naoki P4 years ago

Hi, your track is REALLY NICE! voted!! =-)

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