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Zesawa4 years ago

nice track Spark! Voted! If you like my contest track 'Aurora' please vote back! :)

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Trennik4 years ago

voted for your track! :)

I greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my track "Rhythem Of The Night" for this contest!

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Dwain4 years ago

Voted! Nice track bro. Can you listen and vote for 3FMR LIKE THE BEST.
Support and respect

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia4 years ago

Just voted, love this, could you vote my remix of Sam Feldt Shadows Of Love? Thank you ! much love for you

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JYTR4 years ago

This is a nice one Spark! Be sure to check out mine! :-)

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StrongHeart4 years ago

Excellent sound friend!! Voted!! Good mixture!! He listens to my song and if you like it votes for her and leaves a comment

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a...4 years ago

Hi, Spark ! great track, VOTED ! Check it on my supported tracks! now, Listen my new tune, XTX - Orgasmic Room (Original Mix), if you like VOTE ! ,the track is in this Contest ! i would be so greatful with you ! Thanks for your amazing support !!! good luck !!!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Amazing mix, Spark! Hope your mix finds its way up again in this chart! Curious what you think of my submission: talentpool/track/72197-marky-v-lectro-tropical-escape! . Would be great if you would support mine!... All the best!

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Vanir Elda
Vanir Elda4 years ago

voted!!! please vote back for my track Incendiary for the contest!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ecto4 years ago

This is great! Cool style! Voted! mind checking out my track and maybe voting back?
100% real vote!

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C-A4 years ago

i voted for you track SPACRK, please support me back :) vote and listening to my track for this contest

C-A Feat. DAMC - Lifting Up Ground

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Alvin Eldin
Alvin Eldin4 years ago

Nice track! :) We voted for you!

Hope you can check our remix of Major Lazer and vote back if you like it! :) Keep it up

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Make It Claps
Make It Claps4 years ago

Voted!! Please vote back:
Make It Claps - Break Up

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Raz Davidov
Raz Davidov4 years ago

Nice track Spark. I feel like as though the drop is pretty silent because I can barely hear the kick...if you rised the volume up just a little bit higher on the kick, I would've loved your drop even way more, but other than that, great job on the production dude... I voted.....Mind supporting my track, "Jumpstart" in this contest and giving it a vote? :) Thanks and good luck!!!

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Freezone4 years ago

Check out my track Chimey Changga (Original Mix) and vote it if you like the track. Thanks!! :)

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TISTA BASTIAN4 years ago

Nice Track. Voted Real, Please Vote Back: Firebeatz & DubVision Feat. Ruby Prophet - Invincible (BASTIAN Remix)

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ZTSky4 years ago

WOW!Vоtеd!Plеаsе vоtе bаck аnd listеning tо my trаck fоr cоntеst - Heаven is The Music feаt. Nаthаn Brumley (Originаl Mix)! Fоllоw me pleаse, and I fоllоw back best regards ZTSky! =) :)

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BEHNEN4 years ago

Voted!!! Co0l track...LOVE IT:)

Please vote for my song "HOT BEAT" in the contest..if you like it:))))))))))))))

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Mag Angeles
Mag Angeles4 years ago

Hey Spark!Great Song ! JUST VOTED FOR YOU!!! Can you please vote for me back ? /talentpool/track/73276-mag-angeles-mag-angeles-wanderlust/ Thanks & good luck bro!

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Very Good!! Cool track!
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