Shadows Of Love (Madmatt Remix)

Sam Feldt feat Heidi Rojas

That is my remix for the incredible track Shadows Of Love by Sam Feldt featuring the awesome vocals by Heidi Rojas. For this remix I tried to give a new powerfull vibe to track and at the same time to keep the emotion. I hope you will like it. Enjoy!


Alex  Vein
Alex Vein3 years ago

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Linus & Arvello3 years ago

Quality production MAD MATT! Already voted. Keep up the good work. Vote back?

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KUBI3 years ago

Wow! Great Sound! Nice Melody you made on this remix :) I like its originality, great how you did this! :)
I wish you all the best for the Contest, mate!

You have my VOTE!!!!

Please also take a minute to listen to my remix, Perhaps you have any idea what I can change or Improve, or just give me a Vote back? :)
I'd be happy if you leave an comment and a Vote would be great :) Thanks a lot :)

Kubi ^+^

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nvslbroadcast3 years ago


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nvslbroadcast3 years ago

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Dimas M
Dimas M3 years ago

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Nyix3 years ago

Mad Matt :) I Voted for your track, good job on the production!

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and leave a comment with some feedback it would mean a lot to me.
Much love ! Thank you :)

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Know-Down3 years ago

Hi Mad Matt your Remix is so good. I like the kick is so... yes I like it, and the bass is very great. Your mixing is good but your setting of the EQ should be more search but it's good like that, and i love your very good use to synth. Good luck for the contest ! I think you can be in the top 50 of the contest ! You have my vote, I VOTED for you so
Please can you check out my remix "Shadows of love" and VOTE for me if you like it, it's a dance house remix. I'm just 13 years old !

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Yahia Ben
Yahia Ben3 years ago

Good Jobe !!
Voted !!
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Aleteo Mashbeats
Aleteo Mashbeats3 years ago

Nice remix, voted !!!!!! Can you vote back for my Sam Feldt Remix?, thanks!!!!.-.-.-.

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Trennik3 years ago

Nice track, i voted for you :)

please check out my remix for this song :)

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BADVIBES3 years ago

Great remix dude, you did what you wanted, made it powerful and yet the song's emotion still there, well done, you got my vote. And hey check my remix too if you want, quite similar to yours but on a more trance kind of progressive, and that to any reader too. Cheers.

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Sam KaYY
Sam KaYY3 years ago

Hey Great Remix Great Job There on the Track.....
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ZTSky3 years ago

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia3 years ago

Nice remix bro!
Vote my remix back if you like it!
Thank you ! :)

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mrdjweed3 years ago

Hey I just checked your track good touch and ! Voted :)
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D:N:T3 years ago

hey nice remix bro, I just voted for you. please check out my remix too!

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LIAVAS3 years ago

Nice remix Mad Matt!!

Check out my remix & feel free to vote :)

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