NEVER RIGHT ! [ Original Mix ]

Christopher Damas ft. Kate Wild



P.B3 years ago

I voted for you. Listen to my Remix of Shadows of Love by Sam Feldt.
I want know what you think. Vote back, if you like the Remix. I worked so hard for it :)

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WEAREEPIC3 years ago

The song sounds really nice! We love this sound and hope you will also love our brand new track "Lake" and vote for us!

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Modnex3 years ago

Great work on this one! Got my vote, cheers!

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SrPuppet3 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS! Your track is in the SoundCloud of Talent Pool :D VOTED! Check it out my new remix of Sweets Soda Pop! It's something different :P


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P.B3 years ago

Voted. Listen to my Remix of Shadows of Love. Vote back, if you like it :).

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BUSTERZ3 years ago

Voted and Followed you :)
Keep it up and cheers!
Please vote for my track

"BUSTERZ ft. Daizy Moon - Free It (Original Mix)"

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makwana3 years ago

really awesome!:)
please go check out my new song"violet"

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HB3NI3 years ago

Hi! nice track! Please check my new song ,,I Will Remember You" and vote please.

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Daario3 years ago

Vote for you Christopher Damas!
Really digging the vibe :)
Check out my remix for Sam Feldts' Shadows Of Love!
Vote and follow and i'll vote and follow back :D

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Riho3 years ago

wow, so cool track! I like this chords:)
could u vote my track "5"?

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Turtle neck
Turtle neck3 years ago

...voted... maybe have a listen to my new track Berry ........

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PAUL&PANCHEZ3 years ago


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Sagragachi3 years ago

I like the baseline and horns in the background. This is just a seems like the build up with combinations of vocal baselines and horns are too busy. The song as a whole is great. When you get a min listen to my track and please get critical. I really want to get better. Thanks

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mattman5213 years ago

Hey guys I'm not that know on the talent pool but i think i might start with my new song. it doesn't have a name but the genre. Go check it out and make me at least top 100!

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M | S A V V Y
M | S A V V Y3 years ago

Whats going on! Nice track, pretty cool how spinnin replied to you too! Mind voting for my song "Motionless"?? Thanks!

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Hooya3 years ago

Nice track :) voted for you !!!!

Hope you can vote for my remix!.

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Sam Butler
Sam Butler3 years ago

Vote for Vote?

Vote for my contest remix of "Shadows Of Love" and leave a comment :)

I'll vote back! Thanks :)

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MaekoOfficial3 years ago

Allready Voted man, great track!
I hope you guys can check out my remix "Shadows of Love"
Thanks alot :D

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Julian Prism
Julian Prism3 years ago


Please support me back by voting for my remix of SHADOWS OF GREY & feel free to tell me what you think about it

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Keegan Official
Keegan Official3 years ago

Nice! Voted man! Please check my track "Sunrise" and vote if you like :)

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