IsaacRay4 years ago

Its nice but i feel it needs a little more depth - i voted too!

Please also see my track 'flare' if you want and leave some feedback :D

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Attizz4 years ago

HEY!!!!! Nice track!!! I am Voted and Supported!!!!!

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Revaze4 years ago

So simple, but so awesome! VOTED! Would you mind to check out my track "Wolves" on my profile? Thank you :D! ~Revaze

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LAMS4 years ago

good song, I very original taste and recognize their job very well done and I would like to be your friend and give us support each other in this world of electronica, which is what we all need support. Vote for your song, just vote for mine please vote4vote lol, nice bro :) !!

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Sam Butler
Sam Butler4 years ago

Vote for Vote?

Vote for my contest remix of "Shadows Of Love" and leave a comment :)

I'll vote back! Thanks :)

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SP3CTRAXX4 years ago

We love the ''3's'' in your sick name!! Good sound but maybe missing a little something? anyway, you deserve our vote !!! Show us some love too by checking out our song ''Stadium'' for the Parookaville DJ Contest & if you liked it, HEADBUTT the VOTE button ;)

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Julian Prism
Julian Prism4 years ago


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EMR3YGUL4 years ago

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Wild jay
Wild jay4 years ago

Listen to my latest song and vote if u like it!
It's really unique as people say so maybe help pushing it further in the list by voting! Thanks <3

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S.V.C4 years ago

Voted bro. Look at my new track PROLOGUE. please

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Wyle4 years ago

Hi! Please check out my remix of "Touch" if you have time. It's under "contests" on my profile! :)

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KSTARMUSIC4 years ago

Will support I think if we team up we can do a great track , check me out and my new song and tell me what you think

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo4 years ago

<<Good work! Voted! If you want you can listen and vote my last track "Finally Love"

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Fruity Diamond
Fruity Diamond4 years ago

Great Track : ) What do you think about my new Remix of " Shadows Of Love " ? Check it out. I’d love to know what you think of my use of the vocals. And please vote.
Have a nice day : )

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Clexis4 years ago

Voted! good luck :)

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Wild jay
Wild jay4 years ago

Take a look at my latest song, it's really unique and the bassline is wild!
Check it out and vote if u like it <3

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P.B4 years ago

I voted for you.
Listen to my Remix of Shadows of Love by Sam Feldt. I want know what you think. Vote back, if you like the Remix. I worked so hard for it

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WEAREEPIC4 years ago

The track sounds really good! We love this sound and hope you will also love our brand new track "Lake" and vote for us!

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Erdim 24
Erdim 244 years ago

vote 4 vote guys ?

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eyal shlush4 years ago

Very good!chack my track

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