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DELETED ACC.4 years ago

Hey R3V3RB, Great track, voted, and a lot of effort put into it I can see it by listening to it. There's just a little problem with EQ but i'm sure you will fix that and move on with making good music! Show me some love and check out my new track Get Your Hands Up and maybe vote for it. I would be really thankful. Again great track!

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Keegan Official
Keegan Official4 years ago

Nice! Voted! Please listen to my track "Sunrise" and vote :)a

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DeadLooperMusic4 years ago

Hey Buddy i have Voted for your Track!
Love the Vibes and the power from the Track, and the awesome Pic!:D
Keep it up Producing Music,Cheers!Would be cool if you vote my Contest Track Bullet!:)

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Mood4 years ago

hey R3V3RB, i love this song, i love the intro drum, the sounds. so i voted your track and please, vote my remix contest. thanks

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P.B4 years ago

Listen to my Remix of Shadows of Love. Vote back, if you like it

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jml✅4 years ago

Would be nice if you vote for my Remix of "This is What You Came For"

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makwana4 years ago

voted!!! bro
great music!
please listen my track" violet"

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KΛL- EL4 years ago

Voted can you check out my new original track?

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HB3NI4 years ago

Hi! nice track! Please check my new song ,,I Will Remember You" and vote please:),.

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Daario4 years ago

Vote for you R3V3RB!
Really digging the vibe :)
Check out my remix for Sam Feldts' Shadows Of Love!
Vote and follow and i'll vote and follow back :D

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LAURENCE4 years ago

VOTED! Really sick!
Please can you vote my new contest track?


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Turtle neck
Turtle neck4 years ago

...voted... maybe have a listen to my new track Berry ...

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BUSTERZ4 years ago

Voted and Followed you :)
Keep it up and cheers!
Please vote for my track

"BUSTERZ ft. Daizy Moon - Free It (Original Mix)"

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PAUL&PANCHEZ4 years ago


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Wild jay
Wild jay4 years ago

Take a look at my latest song, it's really unique and the bassline is wild!
Check it out and vote if u like it <3

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KoScoSe4 years ago

You did quite well on this from a music perspective, as you brought in the track with low tension before building it into a good groove for the drop. I do have to agree a bit with Savvy's comment below, though, in saying that it felt fairly similar to Oliver Heldens' style of future house; not necessarily a bad thing, but just mentioning it. You really did do a good job with this; I want to congratulate you on getting this high up on the chart, and I wish you the best of luck with Spinnin'!

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M | S A V V Y
M | S A V V Y4 years ago

Whats going on! Nice track, a bit too similar to that of oliver heldens tho. Shoot for some originality! Good stuff. Mind voting for my song "Motionless"?? Thanks!

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Marvin Märchi4 years ago

Sounds great. I have voted for you! Please help me and vote for me too....Shadows of love contest..

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Hooya4 years ago

Nice track :) voted for you !!!!

Hope you can vote for my remix`

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Sam Butler
Sam Butler4 years ago

Vote for Vote?

Vote for my contest remix of "Shadows Of Love" and leave a comment :)

I'll vote back! Thanks :)

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