I remixed Watch me.


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newclaess4 years ago

great track!! just voted for u! Vote back!! 819

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ESKAY Music4 years ago

voted for you :)

please listen to my song "Blue Horizon" and vote back if you like it! :)

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Darkstar The Dj
Darkstar The Dj4 years ago

I can watch you whip ... please help me save myself from the current situation I am in and help me get into the top five please,this is all I have left. My songs name is : I Am The Darkstar

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Peter Oliver4 years ago

That is amazing bro!!! it would be a pleasure for me to get a feedback from you in my new track!!!

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voted,,/ vote for my contest track monsters foot

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CASCOBAR4 years ago

Hey Nyx

Congratulations on getting so far in this competition :) I just voted for your track!

Please help me realise my dreams and listen to my new original track Heartsichord :) If you like what you hear please return the favour and vote for Heartsichord now.


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Bralan4 years ago

Awesome Track!
Please Vote For my Contest Track "JUNGLE VOICES"

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Voted! Make sure you support and vote for my track
‘Master of the Drop’ leave a comment so i can support you in the future!
Good luck! Hope to see you back in the top 10

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mrdjweed4 years ago

Great Remix here, nice work voted!
Check on my Contest track One Color please, support and feedback appreciated, keep in touch !!!

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Dj Funky
Dj Funky4 years ago

Check out my Contest entry, voted back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo4 years ago

Hey cool track , I really liked ! Nice synts and drums. Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my track Evening Lights, give feedback and vote if you like it

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a...4 years ago

Hi Nyx ! nice track, VOTED ! Check it on my supported tracks! now, Listen my new tune, XTX - Orgasmic Room (Original Mix), if you like VOTE ! ,the track is in this Contest !of course in the contest section in my profile, i would be so greatful with you ! Thanks for your amazing support !!! good luck !!!

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#DJLiabnis4 years ago

Very Nice Track!!! I Invite you to listen my track "PRK Ville" ^^ You've got my vote 7u7

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nickchong964 years ago

Nice tune!!Voted!Please check it out my new track 'Nicolux-Intensity' .Hope you like it and vote for me thank you :)

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Marcel Kult
Marcel Kult4 years ago

Nice Track Voted!

Would be cool if you give even a Vote my Track :-)
Maybe you like it!

Stand Now! (Original Mix)

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Voilan Music
Voilan Music4 years ago

Amazing song !
Voted for you!
Please,vote my track
Donald - Lunian - Atmosphere (Original Mix)

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NathanT4 years ago

HEY! Vote for my remix of « Shades of Grey » and I will vote back for your track, just let me know in the comments!!

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DJ BLLADE4 years ago

Hey Nyx i like your song and voted for u!!!!
If u like my contest song "DJ BLLADE - Departure" please vote for it!
Best greets from germany!!!

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IZAK4 years ago

Thanks for voting my remix of 'CA$VILLE'! :)

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VAKE & VAZK4 years ago

VOTED Nyx! Really nice track!!! Good Luck!

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