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Zibrog4 years ago

Voted !
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Bruninho Linhares

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I loved his work, very good mix, I voted for you!
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Boog4 years ago

Great track !!!
Voted !!!

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Radello4 years ago

voted! cool track man! please vote back at my track "Eternal" if you like it!

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Firepad4 years ago

Voted ! Really good one here ! I love how the track is built, nice build up, great drop or hook, whatever you're more comfortable calling it . Also, i like the sounds you, interesting lead synth :) Overall, pretty good track. Good luck climbing up the charts !!! Also, be a dear and take a minute to vote back for my track called 'Night drive' . I would be really grateful !!! Cheers !!!

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'4 years ago

sick track...........please listen to my track "Drop the bass" and vote if you like it ...thankyou........

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Nikzad & Sina
Nikzad & Sina4 years ago

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X154 years ago

Voted ;) Great song ! Hear my new remix to Shadows Of Love and say what you think . Do you like it ? Please, vote for it. Enjoy ;) X15

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P.B4 years ago

Voted! Listen to my new Remix of Shadows of Love by Sam Feldt. It took many hours. Vote back, if you like it.

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Dionis Bivol
Dionis Bivol4 years ago

"`Voted"! Listen & vote my track "Legend" !

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Well done,A T A G ! Really hope your track finds its way up again in this chart! I think I just produced my best track ever! Release the Lions is an electro track symbolizing the wild side we all have inside, waiting to be released on the dance floor. Curious what you think of it! Your support would be highly appreciated. ... All the best!

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André Gerrits
André Gerrits4 years ago

Hey, Awesome track dude, Nice melody Voted !!!! Could you vote for my Shadows of love remix to ????'

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ZTSky4 years ago

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Attizz4 years ago

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GooDMooD4 years ago

I really like this track and can hear the effort in your mix.

Could you vote for my track 'Voices'? - I promise you that I vote back.
Just leave a comment after the vote and I will vote back within a day, so we help each other to reach the top :)

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Fruity Diamond
Fruity Diamond4 years ago

Great Track : ) What do you think about my new Remix of " Shadows Of Love " ? Check it out. I’d love to know what you think of my use of the vocals . And please vote.
Have a nice day : )

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beautiful track!!! , I voted for you ,
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Jun Phile4 years ago

I like this track. I really can hear your effort in your mix. I will always vote back (for real) and give you a feedback because i really want a friend who will feedback & help each other (for real). so can you vote for my original track called "Uncle Sam's Money”. leave a comment, and i will vote back as soon as i can and i really want to become your friend. i’m not joking at all. Vote4Vote. just like all the people on this site, I wanna rock the whole world with my music too. it's just a start but We WILL. support each other, that is the only thing we can win. Let's make the world change together. Just leave a comment in my page after your vote. i will wait for you!!!

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Turtle neck
Turtle neck4 years ago

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VOTED FOR YOU-!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks a lot!!

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