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Sam Feldt feat Heidi Rojas

This is Ken Takano from Tokyo! I appreciate this opportunity to remix the song I love. Thank you! I hope you enjoy! :) I’ve submitted the another remix, please check here.


Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome3 years ago


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Thank you!

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CASRO3 years ago

Really nice work Ken! Could you check out my remix and let me know what you think? Cheers, much love!

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crnc3 years ago

Voted!! Hope you enjoy Check it MY track VOTE plz :)
"Sam Feldt - Shadows Of Love (ft. Heidi Rojas) (crnc Remix)"

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Linus & Arvello3 years ago

Quality production KEN TAKANO! Already voted. Keep up the good work. Vote back?

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

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TEAMMBL3 years ago

Voted Ken!!: )

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Boix & Breakloop
Boix & Breakloop3 years ago

Voted!!!!!!!!!! amazing man!!!!! keep it up please vote !! my remix contest Shadows os Love!

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KUBI3 years ago

Wow! Great Sound! Nice Melody you made on this remix :) I like it :)
I with you all the best for the Contest mate!

You've got my VOTE!!!!

Please also take a minute to listen to my remix, Perhaps you have any idea what I can change or Improve ?
I'd be happy if you leave an comment and a Vote would be great :) Thanks a lot :)


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Nyix3 years ago

Ken Takano :) I Voted for your track, good job on the production!

I invite you to vote for my new dubstep track >>> Silento-Watch me(Nyx Remix) <<< !

and leave a comment with some feedback it would mean a lot to me.
Much love ! Thank you :)

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P.B3 years ago

Voted! Listen to my new Remix of Shadows of Love by Sam Feldt. It took many hours. Vote back, if you like it!!!

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X153 years ago

Voted ;) Great song ! Hear my new remix to Shadows Of Love and say what you think. Do you like it ? Please, vote for it. Enjoy ;) X15

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Sam KaYY
Sam KaYY3 years ago

Hey Great Remix Great Job There on the Track..
Voted! Check my supporting track if u
don't believe me
And Vote for my Track Named IMMORTAL on The Profile Plzzz!!!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

This one is cool, Ken Takano! Really hope your remix will climb further up this chart! I think I just produced my best track ever! Release the Lions is an electro track symbolizing the wild side we all have inside, waiting to be released on the dance floor. Curious what you think of it! Your support would be highly appreciated. ... All the best!

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Arkhan3 years ago

nice track, really good. I voted!

Would be nice, if you vote for my track "Powerhouse" aswell. Thanks!

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SP3CTRAXX3 years ago

Nice vibess maybe change some notes to fit better the vocals but otherwise, great job! Keep it up :D You deserve our vote!!! Show us some love too by listening to our song '' Stadium'' for the Parookaville DJ Contest & if you've enjoyed it, then EXPLODE the VOTE button ;) Thank you and best of luck pal ;)

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mrdjweed3 years ago

Hey I just checked your track you have a good touch awesome remix! Voted :)

I invite you to vote for my >>> Shadow of Love REMIX <<< on the contest

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ZTSky3 years ago

Vеry nicе!Vоtеd!Vоted bаck my trаck - Custоdes, fоllоw me аnd i fоllow bаck, best regаrds ZTSky! ;)

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia3 years ago

Nice remix bro!
Vote my remix back if you like it!
Thank you !!!

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Azurnuk3 years ago


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twok3 years ago

Voted Ken, nice track! Really like this.

I would appreciate it if you check out my new deep house track and vote me back.
My track is 'Afterglow'.
Thank you so much!

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