This is my Remix of Shadows Of Love by Sam Feldt. Check it out!


j.a.l.4 years ago

You got my vote back :)

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Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino4 years ago

Thanks a lot for Voting back bro!! and congrats again for your dope remix :) Just keep up the good work, and good luck for the contest!!!
Also thanks to all those who will support my track "DISCO (play that funky house)"!

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Jonas V
Jonas V4 years ago

Nice pluck.

Please check also my remix

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Phil Devon *OFFICIAL*

Hey great track man ! Really cool I like this !! Voted ! (: If you dont mind voting back and listening to my track called 'Standin' in my contest I'd really appreciate it !! Thanks ! :)

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Yahia Ben
Yahia Ben4 years ago

Voted !!
Nice Remix Bro
i wish you will go further

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_Flux_4 years ago

Sounds very experimental and definately unique!

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mrdjweed4 years ago

Hey I just checked your track so it’s great ! Voted :)

I invite you to vote for my >>> Shadow of Love REMIX <<< on the contest

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Joseph_K4 years ago

Nice Remix bro~ Voted!!
Listen please my Remix, and if you like it
vote for me please 'Shadows of love(Joseph Remix)'
Thanks ;)

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KUBI4 years ago

Nice track! VOTED! please check out my Shadows of love remix and vote back :) thank you ;')

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twok4 years ago

Voted P B, nice track! Really like this.

I would appreciate it if you check out my new deep house track and vote me back.
My track is 'Afterglow'.
Thank you so much!

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eXnoir4 years ago

good remix. I voted for you!

If you like please vote for my "SHADOW OF LOVE REMIX" too ;)

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ZTSky4 years ago

Vеry nicе!Vоted!Vоted bаck my trаck "Custоdes", fоllow me and i follow back, best regards ZTSky!

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Aik Lim
Aik Lim4 years ago

You already have my vote bro :)

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Bruninho Linhares

Please read!
I loved his work, very good mix, I voted for you!
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Her name is "BONETBONCY"
Please vote on my track contest

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Julian Prism
Julian Prism4 years ago


Please support me back by listening & voting for my remix of SHADOWS OF LOVE !!

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Fran Garcia
Fran Garcia4 years ago

Nice remix bro!
Vote my remix back if you like it!
Thank you ! :DDD

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GooDMooD4 years ago

nice track - voted back :)
but in my opinion there shouldn't be a break after the first drop!

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Sean PM
Sean PM4 years ago

Cool Work man!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Epic track, P B! Really hope your remix will climb further up this chart! I think I just produced my best track ever! Release the Lions is an electro track symbolizing the wild side we all have inside, waiting to be released on the dance floor. Curious what you think of it! Your support would be highly appreciated. ... All the best!

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Blanee4 years ago

Voted :) nice track!

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