Shadows Of Love (ELIAS REMIX)

Sam Feldt feat Heidi Rojas



ABII4 years ago

Voted!!! Awesome remix Eliastunes!! Love the way u started the track!! Inspiring work!!! Love the groovy drop!!! Superb!!

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Bruninho Linhares

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CASCOBAR4 years ago

Voted :) mega mix!!! If you have the time please check out my shadows of love remix and vote! I have only just entered with 24 hours left. Your vote would mean so much :)

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Nick Monologg
Nick Monologg4 years ago

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TEAMMBL4 years ago

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TEAMMBL4 years ago

Voted ELIAS!!: )

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a...4 years ago

Hi, eliastunes! nice remix, VOTED ! Check it on my supported tracks! now, Listen my new tune, XTX - Orgasmic Room (Original Mix), if you like VOTE ! ,the track is in Parookaville Dj Contest !of course in the contest section in my profile, i would be so greatful with you ! Thanks for your amazing support !!! good luck !!!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro4 years ago

Nice, nice, eliastunes! Really hope your remix will climb further up this chart! I think I just produced my best track ever! Release the Lions is an electro track symbolizing the wild side we all have inside, waiting to be released on the dance floor. Curious what you think of it! Your support would be highly appreciated. ... All the best!

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ZTSky4 years ago

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wadd4 years ago

Amazing remix!! You have my vote. Please vote back

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KUBI4 years ago

Incredible!!! So vibrant & elegant, outstanding! VOTED!!! Keep it up! Forward to seeing more!

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Thanks for your support

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Jun Phile4 years ago

I like this track. I really can hear your effort in your mix. i voted for your track. so can you vote for my original track called "Uncle Sam's Money”. i really want to become your friend. i’m not joking at all. just like all the people on this site, I wanna rock the whole world with my music too. it's just a start but We WILL. support each other, that is the only thing we can win. Let's make the world change together. i will wait for you!!

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Repin4 years ago

cool remix!Voted! please vote my remix contest Shadows of Love)
good luck ^^

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N.I.C.K4 years ago the keyboard and piano....voted mate ????????

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mrdjweed4 years ago

Nice sound Good remix you have a good touch !Voted ! if you have a few moment go listen my remix shadows of love keep in touch

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ICHI_Tokyo4 years ago

Voted !!! Nice track eliastunes ! Vote me back if you like my remix !! Thank you so much !

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del cruz4 years ago

Sounds awesome. :-) Very nice work!
Give a listen to my remix, please! I would love to have your opinion :-)

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Sam1234 years ago

Voted! Please have a listen to my track Tantrum and vote if you like it. If you do not like it, I would love it if you could take the time and let me know what you think the track is missing. That will help me a lot for my next project. I will gladly offer my feedback as well in return if you wish, let me know. Thank you!! Great remix!!

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ToxicFuel4 years ago

Good Job Supported!

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Julyan Jerome
Julyan Jerome4 years ago


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