Esta es mi composición mas reciente. Se basa en el genero ElectroHouse y sobre todo en el estado de animo de una fiesta. FREE DOWNLOAD --> GABO - Sativa (Original Mix)


Babu X
Babu X2 years ago

Sativa, smoke it, vote it.

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DJ 5L45H
DJ 5L45H3 years ago

Good sound man!Vote 4U

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Trennik4 years ago

you made a nice track :)

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Lukrembo4 years ago

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TaBiz4 years ago

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock4 years ago

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Alex Haze & Max Iowa

Great track ! Voted for you. Listen to my new track “Waiting (Feat. Jenyi Lee)” PLEASE VOTE FOR US THANKS!

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Roby Koenigs
Roby Koenigs4 years ago

Nice, voted!

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ZTSky4 years ago

Awеsоmе! VOTED!Plеаse vоted bаck my cоntest trаck - Heаven is The Music feat. Nathan Brumley (Original Mix), best regards ZTSky! ;)

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AddØnS4 years ago

Listen my track paradise, i vote for you, let me now what you think..

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Ensidia4 years ago

Amazing track, great job at all ;-) DEFINITLY VOTED !!!
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Bruninho Linhares

Hey guy, I could vote for my sound to the contest called "BonetBoncy"? The track that you voted is eliminated!!

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Nikzad & Sina
Nikzad & Sina4 years ago

First Of All We're Appreciate of your support and cooperation. we would love to have you stay tune with Us ..

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HB3NI4 years ago

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BLACKWAY4 years ago

PLSSS vote and Support my Track. ANd i have voted for you. my track is in the contest section

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ICY4 years ago

Voted! :-) Check out my song ''Every Day'' and vote it ! I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks a lot & Have a good day!

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Nick Vezi
Nick Vezi4 years ago

sweet track man I voted! Its got some great elements in it! check out my top two tracks Seismic and Lights Out! :)

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Coopex4 years ago

Good track , please vote for me back for my tr ack " all right "

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Bryce Forlano
Bryce Forlano4 years ago

Awesome track GABO, voted! I love the sound of the lead and the bassline generally sounds really good, although I really think that this track would really go places if you were to contrast the build and the drop, so the drop is really hard-hitting.

If you have any time to, feel free to check out my remix of Alan Walker's 'Faded'; I promise I will vote for you if you vote for me!

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Anonymous4 years ago


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