Hello,i am Yosa Nugraha,17 years old DJ and Producer come from Indonesia. This is my first track in 2016. The dutch kick, percussion, and rhythm make you dance and jump ! Thanks for listening & Enjoy ! Subcribe my Youtube channel : DJ Yosa Nugraha


ANDYGUSNAN3 years ago


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Yosa Nugraha
Yosa Nugraha3 years ago

thanks !

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dellleetetet3 years ago

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`-`. gazzle.   '-'
`-`. gazzle. '-'3 years ago

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WOW! Great summer feels guys!

Keep up the amazing work:-) Awesome to see such young talent!

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Ducka Shan
Ducka Shan3 years ago

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Mete Kemal
Mete Kemal3 years ago

Great Job man ! Voted !

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See you later!!!!!!!!

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TaBiz3 years ago

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K The Mathematician

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D&G3 years ago

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock3 years ago

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Stern( Nani)
Stern( Nani)3 years ago

Nice leads. Voted!!!! Thanks for supporting my track.... Really appreciate it here's mine in return.

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Danigar3 years ago

Hi Yosa Good Job!!! I invite to listen my original track "Quiero A todos"
I hope you like it, best regards.

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Miguel Hernandrop

Good track bro, you have my vote, You can check it on my list of supported tracks, pls listen track ENERGY & if you like & donĀ“t mind vote back, good luck

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Bralan3 years ago

Nice track ! Voted !!
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The TT
The TT3 years ago

The track is missing major frequencies, which leads the song to become ineffective and the vocal coming with the second drop is not synchronized well to the song.. To come over the lack of frequencies and leads, basses, synths or plucks to the song...
Hope this helps
Keep it Up bro

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Yosa Nugraha
Yosa Nugraha3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback !

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Cyprien Finta
Cyprien Finta3 years ago

Yosa, nice entry! I voted you!
Good luck!

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DRUMKILLERS3 years ago

My vote! My friend

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EnergyWolf3 years ago

Nice work I voted :)

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