Marrelix - Spacetigers (Original Mix)


Gabriel Zorayda
Gabriel Zorayda3 years ago


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UnRealL3 years ago

super dude keep the good work up

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Max Madd ☑️
Max Madd ☑️3 years ago

Nice track Marrelix, I voted! It will only take a second to like my facebook page.
facebook : maxmaddmusic

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Cool mix, Marrelix! Check out my contest track Symphonies, a collab with DJ Special P. Thanks! ... Good luck!

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ESKAY Music3 years ago

voted for you :)

please listen to my song "Blue Horizon" and vote back if you like it :)

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Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo3 years ago

Nice job! Voted! Check our entry "Yeah" on the contest tab and vote if you like!

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-A&A-3 years ago

Hey Marrelix
Exellent track bro i just voted for you and i invite you to vote back my track and contests session on my profile.
Thank you if you will vote me back.
Wish you all the best.:)

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giorgi gamiashvili

Voted man thanks for vote

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ICY3 years ago

Voted bro!! Thanks for the vote you gave me !! I'm glad you like the song !! Keep up the good work!! :-)

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Melodie Rush.
Melodie Rush.3 years ago

►Hey Marrelix
Listened to your track and I enjoyed it! VOTED!
Really good job! You diserve a higher rank!
If you don't mind please check out my latest track and leave a comment what you think
Really appreshiate it! >Follow for Follow<
..........The track is: "Melodie Rush - Hurricane (Original Mix)"..........

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Paris Hagg
Paris Hagg3 years ago

Cool ! Voted back ! Please check my Can't Get Enough remix on my profile

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Rodion White
Rodion White3 years ago

I like your work !!! It is epic !!! I vote !!!

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K The Mathematician

Nice track!!! I voted. Can you please vote back for my track Glitchy Game? Thankssss

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Ray Marco
Ray Marco3 years ago

Hey man! Thanks for your comment earlier on my track Elevate along with your vote! I really appreciate your input:-) I do listen to every track back and give honest feedback as well unlike most people who just comment the same thing over and over so here is my review of your track...

Not bad man! The intro could be a bit longer and have more suspense leading up to the main synth around 25 seconds. I didn't expect such a huge lead that suddenly, maybe you should introduce using a filter:-) Great Piano at 45 seconds man but it builds a bit to quickly. I can't really tell which direction the track is going into. there could be a little bit more structure. The separate ideas are not bad but put all together, it needs a bit of work! Keep it up man!

For all of you out there in the talent pool, If you could swing by my page and check out my contest submission track, "Marco and Mchugh - Elevate (Original Mix), I would really appreciate it! If you like what you hear, you can vote for it! I will gladly give you guys some feedback on your tracks!!

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