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Caspar Vars
Caspar Vars3 years ago

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Lukrembo3 years ago

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a...3 years ago

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LMV3 years ago

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Royal Blue
Royal Blue3 years ago

dope vocal chops ! VOTED!
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Mertay Tamer
Mertay Tamer3 years ago

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LGHT & BLACKWAY3 years ago

Nice Track , Voted for ya .
Did an amazing job.
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BR3XAZ3 years ago

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Dellas3 years ago

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Nice Track Bro
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Dj Vampire

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AMrrprod3 years ago

voted and supported !
i loved ur track!
great job!..
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Dellas3 years ago

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Sal_AngeL3 years ago


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RONGGAR3 years ago

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Leftblu3 years ago

Bro !
Definitely spent attention to your SFXs !
You have to edit them ! I mean, that white noise is too loud out there :O
Everything else is fine, but melody is looping as well.
You were able to make copy of that pattern/bar and just change a bit. Then it would be great !
Otherwise, everything else is good !
Please check my newest song 'Revolution' and vote if you like it !

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DFUX3 years ago

Thanks for your support bro! Voted!! :D

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The Yellow
The Yellow3 years ago

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Voltox3 years ago

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OverClocked3 years ago

Hey man, awesome track!
You have my vote

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo3 years ago

Hey, cool track, really liked! Nice drums and good synts. Voted! It would be cool if you could listen my remix of Otto Knows ft. Avicii - Back Where I Belong and vote if you liked

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