Sam Butler

VOTE FOR VOTE!!! I am excited to upload my newest track "Argue" and hope you enjoy :) Please vote for this track and leave a comment saying you have, I will vote back on the track you want! Thank you :)


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YØUTH3 years ago

hey man, love the track from the start. those vocal chops are pretty a solid tropical/kygo feel to it....very comercial but in a good way

you have our support

stop by and return the favour :D

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dantecofficial3 years ago

Voted ;)
Now vote for my remix of Escape from Love !!:D

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P.B3 years ago

Voted! I made a new song. It's called: Massive Vibes.
Listen to it and vote for it, if you like it.

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Tom Vrazo
Tom Vrazo3 years ago

Hey man cool track, I voted for you. :D Can you vote on my remix from escape from love on the contest? Thanks a lot! :)

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Mertay Tamer
Mertay Tamer3 years ago

nice Track man gj i loved it voted !!please vote back my "Escape from love" remix for the contest
Thank you :) ............ <<<<

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Yard Gang
Yard Gang3 years ago

vote me back :)

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Cryptic Sound
Cryptic Sound3 years ago

vote for my new track Cryptic - Hover <3

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RONGGAR3 years ago

voted for you!
mind to check out my track " Our Love ",
give me feedback and vote me!

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ADiVO3 years ago

This is amazing track! I voted.
Please check out my new track "At sixes and sevens" and give me your opinion.
Vote for me!! Thanks!

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INOVA_Music3 years ago

The track does get repetetive with the vocal.. But i think that's the style of this track. Nice job on it!

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DeepBeat Dj
DeepBeat Dj3 years ago

Give me your full support on my official remix on the track "In the Music"

See you!!!.,

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TonyOfficial3 years ago

i love the tropical shit but the vocal echoes are annoying after 30 the intro part.

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B.u.C.h.O3 years ago

those vocal shots legit bro nicely done... Voted if you wanna check my new track FLEYTA ASCENSION and drop me some feedback would be awesome...

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Christopher Voss
Christopher Voss3 years ago

hey man!:)..very nice work!:.sounds very detailed with a good mixing!:) have my vote!:)..if you like check my new Remix - Galantis - No Money and feel free with a vote!:)

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ACE13 years ago

Hi! Sam!
Please vote for my new track "Empire" and leave a comment!
I'll check you've voted and vote back on the track you want!

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Javigs Montoya
Javigs Montoya3 years ago


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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive remix of "Someone Who Needs Me" by Bob Sinclar,,

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Jesse L W
Jesse L W3 years ago

your compression looks like a penis. GREAT SONG!

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KKiVA3 years ago

Hey SAM! Good song! It definitely deserves a big VOTE! :D VOTED (Y)

What do you think about my Escape From Love (KKiVA Remix)

I would really appreciate a feedback and vote from your side! :) Thanks ;)

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TodyRoody3 years ago

Hello I am running for the best remix ballot Eva Simons & Sidney Samson Escape From Love peopl your help in voting comfira remix is like let that vow...

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