Sam Butler

VOTE FOR VOTE!!! I am excited to upload my newest track "Argue" and hope you enjoy :) Please vote for this track and leave a comment saying you have, I will vote back on the track you want! Thank you :)


Alper Duman & MFC

Nice Song !!
Please Check out my new remix "Calvin Harris - This Is What You Came For ft. Rihanna (Alper Duman & MFC Deeper Remix) and Voted back!
Thank You.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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REWiND3 years ago

Sick track man, Great work! Voted!
Can you please vote back on our new track ''Soldiers"?

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Alkache3 years ago

...:::N::i::c::e:::... track!!!Of course voted!!!

Please vote my new track - Say You Love Me...

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

Voted! Please vote back :)

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Arys3 years ago

Nice! Voted!
Vote my new music Arys - Near the sea
Thanks you)

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Atraxia3 years ago


Vote my remix of Escape From Love and i'll vote 2 of your tracks!:)

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Awesome track! VOTED !
Please vote back my new CONTEST TRACK "Escape from love"
Thank you..,..

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Steelrey3 years ago

Voted! Great job! How about checking out my song Fire In Your Mind and give a vote, thanks!

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Demirkan Kuzu
Demirkan Kuzu3 years ago

Heyy Sam ! I loved this track. Voted ! If anyone vote my track "Karma's Pray" and comment on it, i will vote all of your tracks back :) Good luck !

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baysangur3 years ago

nice good

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Stabbz3 years ago

Vote for vote
please vote for my remix of escape from love

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11351305198844763 years ago

Voted back from Hater Blockers)

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Stefano Frisoni
Stefano Frisoni3 years ago

Liked it :)

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BIOCIDE☣3 years ago

Great Track!
Already Voted and Followed !
I always support you & you're music as a fan:)
Have you checked my track "Celsis" yet ?
If you haven't please have a listen and give me a vote if you like it.

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Max Clark -0653 years ago

Hey guys, it would really mean a lot to me if you checked out my remix on "Escape From Love," - Thanks so much in advance :) ';

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ope63 years ago

voted please vote my track is called los hijos del sol........................

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X153 years ago

Voted ;) I like your style ! Hear my remix to Escape from Love too ! Do you like it ? Please, vote for it ;) X15

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Dymd3 years ago

Nice melody : ) I left my VOTE can you pleas also listen to my Track „Escape from Love“ (in my Contest folder) hope you like it and please don´t forget to Vote for it to thanks.

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Max Clark -0653 years ago

Really Amazing track man, voted, Please check out my remix on "Escape From Love" - Thanks so much in advance - Ishaan :).....

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HardIce3 years ago

Voted, please return the favor on my track "Quake", with my bro Straim : -) Would mean a ton!,

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