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The Aston Shuffle3 years ago

Sounds pretty unique, nice work! Only comment I'd make is, in the drops - when the full vocal comes in it, the track starts to feel a bit busy/cluttered. I'd maybe try filtering the bassline down a bit, or maybe changing the bassline programming so it's slightly less busy - just to try and create some space for the vocal dominate and not compete with the bassline so much.

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Dj Funky
Dj Funky3 years ago


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Birdsday3 years ago

Hey Christopher! Nice track!
Voted! It would be so helpful if you could vote back!

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TWINCIDI3 years ago

hi !!! Very good track, excellent vibes! it would be cool if you vote for my song (contest remix) """""SUMMER ON YOU (TWINCIDI REMIX)"""" !
thanks a lot ! kiss by france !

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Dave Max
Dave Max3 years ago

Voted!!!Very good track !!!! Please check out my new track Break Running and please vote it!!!Thank you for the support!!

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ABLENRY3 years ago

VOTED, very nice track, sounds great!
You've got my vote :) (you can check on supporting tracks)

Please support me in the contest! I hope that you give me a vote too..
Check out my remix of Summer On You and vote if you like it!

Thank you anyway,


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Miltreo3 years ago

I like the drop, nice sounds!
Check my latest remix for contest : "Summer On You"!!,,,

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Apollo 51
Apollo 513 years ago

Hi Christopher VOTED for you and listened to your remix...Please vote my remix back.

Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve - Summer On You (Apollo 51 Remix)

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Epic track, Christopher Damas! Please check out my track New Life as well. Thanks! ... Good luck!

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Daysen Kerren3 years ago

I voted for your track and followed you ;)
Please vote for my remix too, I'd appreciate it a lot.
Thanks :)

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

Voted! Please vote back.

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem3 years ago

Voted! Please vote back :)

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EnergyWolf3 years ago

Great Work I voted:)
But vote me back
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Ty:) I give my Pawn:):)

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TheMuter3 years ago

Voted, Check Out My Remix Its Free
"Vassy - Nothing to Lose (Remix),.

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Trennik3 years ago

i voted for you :)

if you like to, listen to my song for the remix of "Sam Feldt - Summer On You" (Contest section) and vote for it :)

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RONGGAR3 years ago


Please Vote My New Track " Let You Go (Original Mix) "


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CRAC0000000000773 years ago

ole eza guitarrica illo, me recuerda a mi malaga queria, viva españa,viva los toros,er flamenqico, arriba er pp, abajo podemos, puto coletas k ez comunista y el alber rivera si ves esto k sepas k tenias como tiza en la nariz pos eso k pa ser guiri lo haces casi tan bn como el cigala, viva españa y el vinoi


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Francis Bennet3 years ago

My vote! Hi I am artist from Russia! I like your work and I want to share my track! I would be very grateful if you appreciate my track Mornin day! All good and positive sea!f

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NobodyGuy3 years ago

Cool track ! Voted of course ! Check out my new track if you want ! Thank's !

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Lost Dj/Producer
Lost Dj/Producer3 years ago

Supports your vote, I thank who collaborate, Dandole also part of my vote ... Drop - Lost (Original Mix)

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